Friday, June 20, 2008

Woohoo my own blog

Although there isn't much to blog about.

guess I could write about who we are.

Two boys, and a third little one on the way. My husband is a US NAVY VET. He's now in a civillian job working full time, doing pretty well for us. We're very proud of him.
We bought our first house right before getting out of the military.
I currently stay at home, but really want to finish my degree, and as soon as my kids are all in school, start a career as a Paralegal, and maybe continue on with school and eventually end up in law school. It is a dream, and honestly, not sure if it'd come true, but it's there, and hopefully something I can achieve.

I am trying to go as natural as possible, from delaying and selective vaccinations for my children, Cloth Diapers, getting rid of using disposable products, along with trying my hardest to get my family to eat healthier as they grow.
This includes the struggle of learning how to cook from scratch using fresh ingredients which I am NOT your typical home maker.