Friday, September 17, 2010

Zhu zhu pet tour!

Yesterday i was invited out to seethe zhu zhu pets tour.since it was during the day during the week,I only had my two youngest children with me. Now my little girl doesn't quite have the alertness to enjoy the fun activities out there. But my one year old sure
Did. First my little man had to check out the hamster habitat. At first he was a bit shy in walking all the way through it but then he saw me at the end and went through no problem and then of course several times after that.
Then they mentioned have his picture taken and find out what hamster he is. They had several questions which I answered for him to the best of my ability ( one year olds do listen to the same music as mommy and daddy). And then it tells which hamster you are. I believe my son was Rex. Of Course what would be a zhu zhu pet Tour without getting to play with them. So of course they had both the Kung zhu pets and the zhu zhu pets at two different tables. My little man chose to play with the Kung zhu of course.

When I was finally able to pull him away from that area he got to do the battle training just like the Kung zhu pets have. Of course at one he had to have a little help.


So I had to check how long they would be out there at the toys r us and unfortunately only yesterday. But great news!they will be at the grapefest this weekend and you will get the chance to check out all of the cool stuff and get to do the zhu zhu flo dance! We will head out there tomorrow and my older boys will get the chance to be Kung zhu warriors as well. can't wait to see them have fun!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what makes you think you can take on a task

The last week and a half have been crazy. School started and so did my social life. My social life has never consisted of girl talk and girl events. In fact surprisingly I had just thrown my first baby shower ever. I had fun doing it however it is not my normal social life. The last week and a half, my social life has been all about PTA!
Today, I spent the entire day with obvious round up and feed kids moments, working on planning the first set of programs. Only to find out later the email I sent off, may just get shot down completely. I also supported my husband in his back to school evening. Got him dinner and got his notebook to him. I totallY meant to put an encouraging note in there, (sorry ) but I totally blanked when I was on the phone!
I know things won't stay this busy forever. Although it would get pretty full if I add on a Second PTA! And this one, would be just starting out, so it would need alot of attention.
I have two more kids who may attend that school and everything I do for this stuff I do it so it will benefit my child as well as the other students.
I am crazy I know, I mean come on I Was brave enough to have four kids.