Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stroller Skate Off

I went to an event that I had already planned for before finding out I was pregnant.  Either way, I went and they did a stroller skate off for quinny zap strollers. Now granted I really don't NEED a single stroller, but hey that stroller would be awesome for traveling. Either way,I went, and to appease my mother who was simply telling me I shouldn't go. I was extra careful. So granted I was extra careful not to fall down. But I didn't win.
Oh well, it was alot of fun though. Konnorbear got to skate with me too I couldn't believe they had skates for that small of feet. Apparently they've had an 18  month old skate there before. They have like size 6 (tot) skates. I was like umm really, who decided to make that small and why?

So now I'm thinking When Logan learns how to walk really well, I'll take him back there to go skating. I didn't get to take pictures with my phone and I won't go into any of that right now. So my friend  took pictures of me (I didn't ask that one) and of Konnorbear with skates on. As soon as my cell phone charges up some more, I'll email them over to my email to add to the post. So check back for a couple funny pictures.

So tomorrow is my first doctors appointment I reschedule it last week because of the stroller thing I didn't realize that my event started at 10, and my appointment was at 9:30. So I have my appointment at 9am, then off to head back home to grab Konnorbear from school then go to another event. I'm kind of excited, this one we get to hear and see about some new flexible shoes for prewalkers and walkers. I'm all about the shoes and what I can find that will help his feet and protect them, but not hinder him from walking as the hard soles will do. Konnorbear couldn't wear the hard soles till he was nearly two in half.  I had him in soft soled shoes up until then. He had such wide feet but small feet and so hard soles were actually too heavy for him to lift his feet up properly. But when he wore softsold (lighter) shoes he did great. So of course I've saved the shoes for Logan well, what ones we can find two of. I promise they are all around here.
My kids go through shoes like they do socks. actually I think we can find more matches to the socks than we can find matches to their shoes. It's really annoying even after I implented the shoe box in the garage for them to put their shoes. Both shoes never make it there.

So its Sunday, later I have another review to post. I'm excited about this I need to put new batteries in my camera to get pictures.
For now, off to clean off the baby who has oatmeal all over him.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great alternative to plastic cups for kids.

Over the last few months I've had to gather up all of the adult plastic cups to dispose of them. The reason-
My husband. He hates plastic. Now he's been wanting me to get rid of all of the kids plastic cups as well. I just couldn't bring myself to do so, especially because my middle son is still careless enough, especially with the regular size glasses. My oldest can handle it with minimal accidents.

Yesterday I received a Silikids glass. And this glass is great. I waited until lunch time today to use it for my middle son (3 years old) and he loved it. The glass fit perfectly in his hand, and I wasn't scared to hand it to him while he does the one handed carrying with his cups, when we as parents really think they should be carrying a glass cup with two hands.

Ok so you're looking at the picture and you're thinking, well it doesn't look much different than a glass with a cover over it. But it IS different.
Some interesting facts about the silicone
  • BPA Free- We are all looking for anything not glass to be BPA free now a days. 
  • Easy to clean- because of the open pores it won't keep bacteria or fungus trapped in it. Plus it can be boiled to be sterilized. 
  • Safe- Non-toxic as you really just never know when you're little one, (3 or 5) will put things in their mouth.
  • Hypo-Allergenic- The silicone material will not react to anything else sitting beside it or any other way.  So if you leave it next to something and forget it on the counter overnight, have no fear, there won't be any funky gunk inbetween the glass and the silicone. 
Now I am not sure, and would rather not actually test it to be sure that a really big drop would keep the glass still intact, but I will say, at lunch time he did knock it over on the table, and spilled nearly half of the contents out. I noticed it didn't make a loud noise like most do and of course there wasn't a chip in the glass at all.

This glass is a great alternative to the traditional cheap plastic sippy cups, that in my opinion you buy over and over again. The retail price of this glass is 7.95, not bad considering in just 6 months you'll probably by 7 of the 1.00 cheap plastic sippy cups. This one would last you at least two years before your little one would ask to use a bigger cup.

Silikids didn't just stop at making the small glasses, they made universal siliskins to fit glass bottles and other sizes of glass cups, or even a sigg bottle to keep the little hands from freezing or burning when a liquid is inside. They have also made Silicone bibs, which keeps the stains off of the baby, as well as off the bib. Silicone wouldn't stain. It would wash right out. How cool is that.
And just take a look at these neat looking bibs  if anything I'd like one for the coolness factor!

To check out where you can purchase the siliskins for your glasses check here.

Have a crawler? they also have silipads for ages 6 months to 24months.

The silikids brand was founded in 2006 by a mom. Way to go fellow mom!! Just proves, Moms know best!

I think its finally time to check into a couple more silikids glasses, and get rid of the plastic for good.
Now to find a good glass kids dish.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open school Policy.

I took my oldest to school with what I thought was one minute to spare. After what happened yesterday with me walking him into school and being told I was unable to walk him back to his class room on the second day of school, I let him out and told him to go directly to his classroom, and watched him walk in and turn to go down his hall.
He was stopped and told to go the office. Now granted I realize he was late, but I went through the fuss of letting him out and walk in by himself because thats what they wanted me to do the day before.
Needless to say I got my youngest out of his car seat turned the car off and marched right in there and I did make a scene. I spoke with the principal and found out that I am NOT allowed to come and eat lunch with my child at school, and if I just feel like walking him back I HAVE to have a prior appointment with the teacher, and that appointment has to be approved by the front office.

So how is this encouraging parents to get involved with their kids.

I have already sent a message over to the PTA president in hopes of getting on board there, plus a few other emails have been sent out to have someone look a little closer at this policy.

I understand there is safety measures to be taken, and I was all for and ready to hand over my ID when I went to go take my son in. But I really think this school is taking it a bit to far with their security.
And the handbook says there is a closed school policy,  and talks of the doors being locked, doesn't say specifically if they just locked from the outside only, and that would be fine, as long as their are the safety measures taken in the case of an emergency.
But are they locked from the inside as well, I'll test it out soon, considering these policies aren't explained very well.

And apparently I am not the only one disgusted with these rules they've implemented.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I really do it a 4th time

As you know from previous post (if you don't now you do) that I am pregnant with baby number 4. I am not even thinking about boy or girl, but rather can I do a fourth c-section? Am I going to make it through this pregnancy and birth? I think once I'm in the recovery room I will finally destress and needless to say, I have a long way to go.
There's alot that is so strange with this pregnancy. It was really seeming typical with the morning sickness, as I was starting to feel sick this past week, which would put it right on target of 6 to 7 weeks if I go by my last pregnancy. I knew I was pregnant at 4 weeks. Our third child we planned and it actually took us many months to get pregnant with him. I went through so many pregnancy tests those months. Now with my first two, morning sickness was kind of what tipped me off that I was pregnant. And I found out with them about the normalish 6 to 8 weeks along. My first I was a little further, If I remember right, I was nearly ten weeks when I found out about him. Now we don't know for sure how far, as again there was no tracking involved, and we were trying to prevent. If we go back to the last oppsie, that was back in  June, but, I took a test in July, after being 1 week late. This time, I was two weeks late before the surprise came up. So all in all, I could very well be near ten weeks. But we won't know for at least another two to three months exactly how far along I am, as really the sonogram will be the only way to tell and I won't be doing a sonogram till the "20 week" sonogram. Of course up until then I'm going to be stressed beyond belief about this pregnancy.

So anyone out there gone through several c-sections? Can anyone tell me what to expect at my first drs appt, (it will be a new doc too).

Monday, August 24, 2009

Go Green with your kids toys

These days "Going Green" is becoming a more popular trend.  Now I won't say I'm perfect, as I know I am not, but I did get in on the cloth diapering a little ahead of the curve. And I did begin using more natural products for cleaning, which also had me thinking of the health of my children. But why stop there at just the cleaning products and cloth diapers. My youngest is at the age where everything is in his mouth, and of course my two oldest aren't much better than him at keeping things out of their mouths.

Plan toys has their own motto for their toys. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The way they manufacture their toys is designed to reduce waste and save energy. They strive to use recycled and recyclable materials in their toys. And the safety of their toys are not compromised in this process.
All of the wooden toys are made with Organic Rubberwood from rubber trees that no longer make latex. They use a chemical free kiln drying process to stregthen their wood. When building the toys they use non-toxic e-zero glue, soy and water based ink and dye.

Using these key items keeps the toxins out of these toys, and out of our childrens mouths.

So while we have to be careful about the supplies we use to clean our floor, we don't have to be worried about the toy that reaches their mouth.
This information can be easily found on the plan toys website by watching this video (Let me add it has some breathtaking scenes in it).
To check out other videos on plan toys check out their facebook page and become a fan.

You might think the toys at plan toys are just baby toys but they do have toys that will appeal to older children. My oldest son is 5 years old, and loves to do puzzles. What has me the most excited is that these toys aren't the normal video games, or television show based toy. (ie Power Rangers) Instead these toys are more educational toys, that will inspire them to think. When you check out their catalog, and click on the icon that looks like a little person outline, it comes up with information on the Child development skills that will be learned or practiced while playing with the specific toy. In the catalog you can also find toys that are more suited by age. When I went to search through for a toy that would appeal to my three year old, I clicked the ages 3 and up. After doing the search I found the Pirate Ship. This one toy helps develop their creativity and imagination, something that we all should encourage our kids to do in my opinion. It also has the ability to help them develop language skills by telling a story with the pirate ship as well as playing with other children with the toy and developing social skills of sharing and patience with others.

I am adoring the plan toys website.I could easily get my Christmas shopping done and out of the way here at the Plan Toys website.
 And of course I just have to throw this out there as well, but I really think my middle son would adore the green dollhouse. I have always been (despite my husbands disappointment in me sometimes) one of those mothers who encourage my boys to play with any type of toy they desire. Be it something that is "labeled" a girls toy or  a  power ranger dress up outfit. Like the shopping cart my son so eagerly played with so much that it broke (thats how plastic holds up to boys). In my opinion boys need to learn life lessons just as much as girls and they don't make a hot wheels sewing machine.
Either way, you really should check out the site for yourself, it has so many interesting toys, something will peak your interest.  Check out  and become a fan on facebook.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Need an All in one stroller

Need a Sleek Modern stroller for your little one to ride around in style without giving up the comfort? This stroller is very lightweight weighing in at 21 pounds without the wheels on. The wheels can be easily removed and then reattached leaving this stroller very compact. It could actually fit in the back of my SUV without breaking the back window.  The flash version of the stroller being folded down can be found here

A ever so popular feature has been added to this stroller, the bassinet. This is just an awesome feature to have your little one riding around in such comfort. Who wouldn't want to be snuggled in the bassinet all cozy and what mommy doesn't want their little one to sleep while they get things done. Other accessories to this include the parasol to keep the sun or wind off of your baby. This stroller is also has the separate car seat adapter for the ever so popular car seat carrier Maxi Cosi.

The transporter also has a great price tag. Compared to many of the other strollers that have the bassinet option, the seat and chassis tags in at $399 and the bassinet option just $149. Want an even better deal is giving my readers a 10% percent discount on any of their items. Don't need a stroller just yet. They also have the really awesome Easy Grow high chair  or the ever so popular Grow up! booster seat that can be used for children up to ages 4. They also have another line of strollers called the Rider line. This includes the 4Rider, 4Rider Light and the Urban Rider. You can use any of these stroller seats to fit the the rocker frame that you can purchase separate. So many options to choose from to stroll in style.

Just visit Mutsy and during the check out use the code amaberry10 for your ten percent off! Hurry though! This won't last long.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's the weekend!

Remember when I said I had a ton of things to do. Well I got started on one of them yesterday. Our room! I cleared out our desk that we had in there and took it upstairs to the gameroom and made a spot for it in the corner. Our office is now going to be upstairs. It's not a big deal as I really didn't use it to much in our room. Just moving that opened up so much room in our bedroom that we really could fit a round crib (I've wanted a round crib since baby number 2) but never went through with it, because we were having boys. If I find a used decently priced, I think I may actually get it this time around. We may very possibly need two cribs anyway.

Husband went out to the movies this afternoon. After helping me quite a bit with the work I had left to do from yesterday, and yes there is still more to do. But overall its coming together. Next week I'm off to look for a new couch for our living room. Hopefully before the baby comes we can actually have some decent furniture in the house. We still have a "sitting room" thats off the dining room that has nothing in it. At one point we had a pool table, but we got rid of it because we wanted it to be a sitting area and all the pool table was becoming was a clutter catcher.
I'm also going to be on the lookout for a cheap King size headboard. I'm going to decorate it with fabric to match our room. I will post pictures of that project.
I've also got another project going on in my head. I want to make a diaper christmas tree for my SIL, My little Logan was a christmas baby born on the 7th of Dec, but hers will be closer to Christmas, around the 20th. So I want to make her a diaper cake, but decided it would be more fun if it looked like a christmas tree.
I'm excited even though we don't do disposable diapers here in this family.

Oh, and morning sickness has kicked in.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just making a quick update this morning

School is about to start on Monday. Wow, the summer went by fast. Hopefully this pregnancy does the same. We've got so much to do, from cleaning up our bedroom and getting it organized again, there is so much of Logan's stuff in there since Logan still sleeps in his bassinet. As much as I'd hate to move him to his crib, but it seems he'll be moving up soon to make room for new baby.
I also need to spend as much mommy and me time with Logan as he doesn't get the mommy time the older two got with me.

So far so good with the pregnancy, I took yet another test when I we got home from Florida, double checked, still pregnant. I had made it through the long 18 hour drive to and from Florida without morning sickness starting.
My first appointment is one week from today, While I'm going to a different Doctor, I should still get to deliver at the same hospital Logan was born at.
Hopefully I'll get out as quick as I did with Logan. (Recap- I left when he was 36 hours old).
After getting back we've announced our news to a little more people. Despite being so early, however nobody believed us. In fact, not one of our friends (not online) actually congratulated us on our pregnancy.
What is with people thinking we're stupid enough to "joke" about being pregnant. That was the reaction we got. Yes we know that Logan is only 8 months old, but its not like we said hey lets get pregnant and dtd and got pregnant. No, instead we were talking as if Logan was our last child at least biologically. Somehow there were other plans apparently.
Either way, after the initial shock, (ok I have to admit I'm still shocked) we are very thrilled about our newbies arrival sometime early next year.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Spotlight on PR

I came across the Feels Like Home Blog and Adrienne about getting noticed by PR professionals. They have graciously teamed up together to help people like me, get their foot in the door with PR professionals. To join in on the help (and we know I need it), they have asked us to write a Bio Blog. So here goes. Considering my latest news, It will be updated a bit from the Blogger profile bio.

My name is Amie, I have been married for 6 years, although a rocky 6 years, we are still together, and have managed to produce three beautiful boys. I am so outnumbered, but I enjoy my boys and can't imagine life without them.
We have recently found out that number four made his way through, and we should be expecting sometime either in March or April of 2010.

I am a social bug, or at least I do try to be. I attend playdates galore through a local moms group in my area. Along with some of my favorite things to do during the day, Metro Moms. These events through Metro Moms include well over 500 members and they do attend actual in person events. (great way to get your product out there for me to show off).
We have a wide variety range of moms who attend these events, some do work outside the home, and there are some who own their own businesses and work from home, and of course there are moms like me, who blog, and go to these events with their kids.

I am always available for product reviews. I am not just all mommy but it is the biggest part of my life. So I am not limited to just baby and kid items. Although anything that could make mommy being easier, is always a plus in my book. If I can be mommy just a little easier, than maybe I could get some non mommy time in!


Life has been interesting lately Some HUGE news

I haven't updated in a little while as there has been alot going on recently. Last Wed my grandmother who was 74 passed away suddenly.
There's a whole story on that, that I am so angry about but I can't possibly go into it right now. The only thing I can say right now, is Grandma RIP.

Two days after she passed away, my husband and I loaded up the car, and headed the roughly 18-20 hour drive to Florida so we could attend her funeral. Prior to actually doing the loading up on Friday. I found out some other interesting news.

We're having our fourth baby.
My youngest is only 8 months old, and this whole thing is scary. Completely unexpected. I prided myself on the fact that the first big surprise back in 05 (Konnorbear) was a safe two years apart from Jordan. And Logan, was planned, so he was his safe distance of two years apart as well.
However, newbie number 4, and Logan, will very well possibly be in the same GRADE! All because of Logans birthday being in Dec and past the cut off date.

so two under two?
I just don't have a clue how to do it.

Oh and yes, the factory will be getting fixed after this one.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't you want just one more!

I am so tired of hearing it, mainly because YES! I want another baby. I just don't want to be pregnant again/have a 4th c-section, and sadly my husband refuses to do the whole surrogate mother thing.
I have had to attempt to come to terms with this whole idea that I am not having anymore babies in my house. As much as I'd like to say adoption could be in the cards. It's not and I have to be realistic, it's cheaper to have a baby than it is to adopt a child.

Now please don't get me wrong, I would adopt in a heartbeat. I'd save every last penny and make it happen if I knew my husband could love him/her unconditionally. I would have no problem doing so then as I know I could and would.
But It's not fair to my husband, and especially not fair to the child to be brought into a family where they may not feel as if they are loved unconditionally by both their mother and father. I just couldn't chance that one.

I just keep getting those feelings of our family just isn't complete yet but I am not sure where it is taking me.
My marriage needs to be better before that could happen, if it could happen. I mean we already have three right now.

Just remember, they're only 5 and 3

That's what I kept telling myself yesterday after I realized my wonderful oldest sons decided to leave the hose on for roughly about 4 hours. My husband and I caught it after dinner. When he had gotten home, he mentioned where did the water come from that was sitting in the street. Of course I was like, uh did it rain or something, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky and a inkling of rain in sight. So we didn't think much of it, went back inside and I finished dinner and then he goes back outside, and tells me, there's more water. So I follow the water, and lead it back to our backyard where our hose was left on and running for quite awhile. I couldn't believe it roughly 4 hours of running water.
Needless to say both boys went straight up to bed because of it, we had already had dinner and it was 7 so just an hour earlier than their bed time. This of course was all warranted because the day before, they'd gotten in trouble for throwing dirt on their water slide that we have. And that thing is expensive.
How do you teach your children at this age the value of things, and how to take care of their stuff. We must have done something wrong at a young age, because they just dont take care of things they have. Dvds get scratched, video games get scratched, pieces of toys are lost left and right, and usually end up in my foot.
I have pushed and argued over the one toy at a time rule. IT NEVER happens though.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to School Supplies "How I spent less than $50 for supplies" For two kids!

Back to school supplies add up. 10 cents here, 25 cents here 80 cents there, but you need multiples of the item. And of course if you have more than one child who is attending school you begin to push the budget just to get it all.

This year I have two in school, granted one of them is going to prek for the first time, and the other is off to Kindergarten. I noticed though that the prek school supply list is actually more than what my oldest sons list for Kindergarten needs. Needless to say, I have to learn to be frugal, especially when the third little one goes off to school in a couple years.

The easiest way to get all of this at the best discount possible, no easier way to say it, than to come out with it. You need storage.
Last year my oldest was in the 4 year old Prek program, his birthday was also right after school started. I actually came across this idea, looking for party stuff for his birthday that year.
I now have started a box for each child, that will contain the basics for the following school year, all of which, I paid roughly 20.00 for the entire set.
Again, I started this, because I was searching for some fun cheaper and useful ways to fill my sons goody bags for his party.
2 packs of scissors (the dull ones they use for the younger grades). They're roughly about 50 cents (at a sale) to 1.00 for the pack. After he started school, everything went on sale, So I shuffled and I went every few days to the store, Target and Walmart mostly and once things really hit 70 to 90 percent off. I picked them up. I purchased all of these at 5 cents to 10 cents a piece. Now I bought several, not just one. So spending 20 dollars was pretty good in my opinion.
Well we had leftovers of course. So this year, the only thing I actually had to go out and buy for my sons, was the one green folder they needed. I still have plenty left for even next year. Between papers,pencils, pens (they always get lost in my house).
The easiest and best way to achieve getting exactly what you'll need is to go ahead and grab the list for the next grade up. After school has started, just hit up the stores every so often, it does pay more to wait, although you don't always get the best selection because many are picked over.

Now to get my kids excited for school this year, I did let them get new backpacks this year. This is where the other 30.00 came in. I bought them each a backpack and lunchbox, from toys r us through their website. The lunchboxes were free, and it was free shipping. Now if you don't have an overly picky child or a child that can go through backpacks (like mine). You could also wait till the school supplies go on clearance, and pick up a brand new backpack for roughly 3.00. I picked up two. I had orginally planned to save one of them for him for this year. But my son ripped his backpack towards the end of the year, so he got it early on.

It really does pay to wait though. I will be there waiting too. Once I gather up everything (and more than likely extras). I will place it in their boxes and store in our garage with their label. I'll also save the list so we have it to compare to the list that comes out right before school starts next year. This way I don't have to go through the box to double check I have everything. I can just see what is different between the lists, and check my extras box and good to go for the school year.

Now to get this started. Unless you can wait a little ways into school, you'll need certain supplies to start. You can get the basics, and hope for the best, or you can check the ads. Don't just go to walmart and expect their prices are the best every single time.
I noticed that the glue sticks were in different amounts in the packages, and if you need 24 (my son did) then buying the 12 packs seemed like a great idea. Nope, they were actually more expensive than if you bought 6 of the two packs. But then again, target happened to be cheaper all around for their 6 packs.
Each week before school, grab the ads from the sunday paper, and compare them to your list. Most families go grocery shopping once a week (or at least make a run for milk once a week if not more). This is the best time to grab the sale instead of doing it all in one stop and spending more on the supplies.

Those little numbers really do add up fast.

And then you add in the back to school clothes.
Luckily my kids are quite picky on that yet, but I do know where I'll be going for my discounts.

Happy Back to School Shopping!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Playdough Factory- Video

I love my son's imagination. There is something so innocent about the way they think and the things they can come up with because of how they perceive the way the world works.
For a little over a year now, my son has come up with that at night after we (his parents) are in bed, he goes to work at the playdough factory. Not long after his younger brother (my middle son) started working with him. The story is so adorable and its amazing how over the course of telling this story, not every single day but just every so often, how much of it he actually retains.
It really may have been over a year ago that he started telling this story, but either way, its been great to hear it and to see how much of the story stays the same, and see what information he changes each time.

I will have to catch another video soon, I wish I would have caught this on video before now just so I can go back and compare. But either way, for your enjoyment, my oldest son, (with a little bit of my middle son making funny faces).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pocketville Want to try it yourself?

Yesterday was a busy day for me, first a metro moms event, which was great as usual.
And then I got home and played a new game with my oldest son. Now when I first got the email about trying out this new site, I really didn't think he'd be interested in playing it. As I was trying to set up the account for him to play, he didn't seem too interested in it, although he did stand there and ask questions. For a good few minutes, I thought I had lost him while I was setting the account him, but he stayed, something had peaked his interest in it even if he did look at me with a confused look and asked isn't this for girls.

Now my boy, is ALL boy. There is nothing girlie about him, if he sees a pink toy, its not a toy for him. He's always been that way from the start. He wants to learn to sew, and wants his own machine, but of course the only one out there for that age group, is a barbie one.
He says no to that of course.

So once the account was set up, we made him. It took a minute to figure out that it wasn't just for girls, as soon as we made his avatar up, which let me just say looked nothing like him since he chose black hair instead of his dirty blonde hair that he has. I was pretty surprised with that.
What was also odd is that he chose a cat instead of a dog as his pet. But he was pretty happy about it once he started playing.
He got around to playing the games with his pet, and had a blast doing it.
Now I asked him after he had played for a little bit what he thought about it.
He said in the I'm a cool kid tone, "it's cool" and then went right on to play it more.
He didn't want to stop playing which means something. My oldest is just like his father, very much so into video games. And can play for hours upon hours with one video game. Something he's never done with toys. Most toys are short lived for him, so to catch his interest is amazing.

I made him stop playing because we were getting ready to sit down for dinner, he wasn't very happy with me. And then immediately after eating, he asked to play again.

All in all, I really think he's enjoyed it, and I as a mom really like this one better than some of the video games he plays and watches his father play. I don't think we own one video game that is not some type of fighting or violent game in one way or another. So for me, Pocketville was a big change in my house and something I could see him continuing to play and be ok with.

Would you like to try out Pocketville with your kids? Want 250 free tokens? Well I have it for you.
Go to Set up an account with your kids. As you are setting up your account, use the Voucher Code: B9GX8NUDYS and it will add 250 tokens to your account. My son used majority of his tokens to give his cat a shirt and a toy.

If you would please come back and leave a comment about the game. I'd love to know what you and your kids think of it as well.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to the basics

I can't lie in this, and show that my life is all fine and dandy, when in reality, it is not.
My life revolves around my three boys, literally. If raising my boys was a regular job, I am sure someone would have sued for more time off. I work 24/7. My last vacation, was spent visiting my parents, and we went to Orlando, while we had a great time. I was still "working" the entire trip, (with the exception of two outings without my kids).

I have been married to my husband for 6 years as of this past June. I do love him, please don't think I don't. But our marriage has changed, and over the last year, has taken its turn for the worse. There are so many things that I feel are wrong with our marriage, and honestly, I'm not sure of the words to describe those things.

I can only start at the beginning with this, and over the course of time maybe get to the current.

We were young when we got married, I was 19, he was 20. Typical Navy guy, typical 19 year old girl (with some baggage of course). We got pregnant about 6 months after we met. We weren't even in a committed relationship for a full two months before we found out we were pregnant with our first child. Of course, we did the right thing, went ahead and got married, before he left for deployment. As soon as he came home, he had a 4 month old son, whom he just wasn't quite understanding was his child. I probably didn't make it any easier for him, and I'm sure a big part of that was because I didn't understand how this handsome baby could not be accepted, and there was no doubt of paternity, he looked exactly like him. Dirty Blonde hair, brown eyes, tall and handsome. His father, tall handsome dirty blonde hair, blue/green eyes. Me, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, many Asian traits. Yes my son ended up with brown eyes, and the ability to tan, but everything else is his father.
This is where it started though.
I didn't get a fairytale sweep me off my feet proposal, followed by a romantic, non pregnant wedding ceremony with all of my family and friends. Instead, I met his family(mother,father,sister,and grandmother) two days before we were going to be married. What a way to start a new life together. The moment we decided to go ahead and get married, was what has helped bring us to the point we are at today, and unforunately, that is not the best spot we should be in.

I am just a busy bee

Over the weekend, I had one kid, and oh boy was that, well, quiet.
Although we didn't get alot done, we did work on the yard Sunday evening of all evenings. Got quite a bit done as soon as I was able to lay my youngest down for bed. So at least we feel the older two spending the weekend at their grammy and gramps was used wisely, well as wisely as the two of us wanted it to be.

So they ended up staying again Sunday evening, and I headed out this morning to go meet my MIL halfway. Since they hadn't left, I managOed to make two quick trips to the thrift stores in my area. I found a few cool finds, mainly vhs movies as my boys broke their dvd player, so all they have left is a vcr, well we really didn't own many vhs tapes, so I've raided the movie selection at the thrift store locally, all in all I found 16 tapes for about 6.00. Several were old Disney movies. I was quite thrilled, and so where they as soon as they got home and saw them.
I hate to spend a fortune on movies, because those are always the first to get ruined with my boys, mainly because they'll fight over the movie. Toys, eh, things get lost, but not really broken, so we can always find the item after doing a quick search. But movies, no.
So I've banned buying movies for them, I'll rent occasionally so we can watch a family movie downstairs, but thats about it as far as dvds go anymore.

After getting my older kiddos from their grammy, we all had lunch and then we headed home. Only to sit down for a bit and then as soon as my husband walked in the door he changed and went right to work outside. Of course I couldn't let him just do all of the yard work himself, especially if I wanted everyone to eat dinner together. So I went out to help him and ended up clipping the bushes that are right outside our front door, and boy did it need it.
After that, I figured out I do NOT need to go to the gym and lift weights, just doing what I did this evening was plenty for me.
The next three days will be busy, two events this week, plus an appt, and a movie date with my boys on Wed. Friday will be my day off. I promise.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I can cook!

I can finally cook!
Yesterday was make baby food in bulk day! I spent about 3 in half hours or so in the kitchen. I made about 6 different kinds of baby food for my little man.
I have a book that my sister had gotten while I was still pregnant with him. It's all kinds of information on making baby food organically of course.
So we're about to hit the 8 month stage, so I moved up to the next level of foods in the book. Lumpier foods. If I do say so myself he is doing rather well with my foods, and so far my new dishes have been a success except for one. He just doesn't care for peas puree, but Chicken and rice went over very well. This morning he had a rice pudding mixture and he downed it like it was going to expire in the next 30 seconds.

But either way, I feel like I can cook. Yesterday my husband said I spent more time and got more into cooking the baby food than I do our dinners. Yeah well my little man appreciates it more. The older two either don't eat the food I put on the table, or they start playing with it, and it ends up on the floor. Ok well sometimes.

But how can you mess up baby food? I'm sure eventually I'll find a way.

If you want to learn how to make baby food for your own little one, check out they are a great source of information for making and storing your own baby food.

The book my sister purchased for me is here.

How to carry your little one

How do you carry your little one without hurting your back? Now my answer to this question is still always, I don't! Because my little man was an ounce shy of 10 pounds at birth, and he is no stranger to the weight.
However, The Beco is so far the only carrier I have used, (that my son actually likes) that helps to distribute his weight, (and there is plenty of it) to where my back isn't killing me at the end of the trip. I've found that carrying number three, while spoiling him, it really is much easier for me to hold the hands of my other two. Which helps to keep mommy from having a heart attack. (Come on mamas, you know we all do when they get close to getting hurt).
The new colors on the Beco Butterfly 2 are very nice.

I'm loving the new Duos.