Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh my Batman!!!!

We were selected to host a Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz party. 
We had planned the party for April 6th, but unfortunately due to sicky situations, we had nobody come.
So, we did our party with one of my son's soccer team. It became an awesome ending to a great practice, and everyone had a great time opening and playing with the cars.

Of course my kiddos were super excited and tearing open the packages. They had seen the cars in our living room and I believe it took everything in their power to wait to open one. So they did go to town quickly after sitting down for these. The packaging is a little bit child proof, they have a hard time opening it themselves, but luckily, parents are there to the rescue. It still took a minute to get the packages open. Even for us.

I was not excited the way each car was already built differently, some parts were already on it as shown in the directions. If you have multiples it's already every car is different, which I realize the point is to customize, however, the instructions show put this piece on, and it's already on and its step 2. But that wasn't on for another car.
The tires were really hard to push on and on one car would not stay completely on. It didn't mean the kids didn't have fun with them though. I will say my 9 year old did get in there and put his together on his own for the most part. My middle son almost 7, could not get it together at all.
My youngest son was all over it and while he couldn't get it out of the packaging or put together he had a blast having me do it for him.  I do think these should be geared for older kids because of the pieces being so small to put in. 5 and 6 is still way to young to keep up with the pieces. Overall we had a great time!