Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holey Donuts Holiday Giveaway $150 cash prize

Holey Donuts is giving away a great Prize pack to one lucky Reader. Please make sure when you enter you put down you found out at Confessions of a PTA mom blog.

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+$150 Holiday spending cash!

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Hurry Contest ends Dec 15th! 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

School's out for Thanksgiving!

YAY, I have been busy busy busy. School is out for Thanksgiving week, which is great for me.
I have been trying to get majority of the PTA work out of the way prior to tomorrow. I have just a little bit left to finish up as soon as I find more tape. Then they will be ready to go on Wed.
I do have a few things to get together so they're ready to go home to parents as soon as school gets back in.
Dec 1st is right around the corner, so we need to get that ready.
We're going to be doing a scrapbook for the boys teachers, so I need to get the cardstock ready so I can send them home just before Winter Break. I want to make sure this gets done for the teachers as next year I'll be a little busy too. I just want to have it all done and ready prior to Teacher appreciation day.

For Jordans teacher we're making a blanket for her in the kids art class. So I have to get that set up on what day we'll do that. Then I need to finish coming up with the game for the party that day. My other sons class doesn't really need me to do anything for the party, so I'm a little bummed. Next year will be much different. When he's in the four year old program There will be more for me to do. I hope. So all in all this week is going to be a good fun week. Monday and Tuesday we're going to do craft stuff, and work on our homemade christmas gifts! And then Wed is get the house clean for Turkey day!
It'll be a good week with no school and lots of family time. Maybe even watch a movie together.

Yay for good weeks.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have been busy

I have been very busy lately, it seems each week something with school has been going on. Reflections program is almost over. I hope to have everything ready to be turned in by Monday or Tuesday next week.
I'm excited for the kids.
Today though my biggest man caught a stomach bug, last night was an evening because he was in the bathroom so much. So I kept him home today from school, just in case.  He seems to be doing better now though, but my husband and I both seem to have caught it.
Hopefully it doesnt go through to the other two boys.
December 1st we will confirm gender. I know she said she's 80 percent sure its a girl, but there's still room for error.
I did break down and purchase some dresses, because they were 1.00, but I will take them back or give them to a friend in the event that its a boy instead.
I need to get a working on my diaper cakes. I want to make a few actually. I got pretty much everything except for the extra little things for it.

Well Thanksgiving is coming up, I'm cooking this year! So that should be fun.
I've got my menu planned, and turkey is in the freezer, I'll take it out on Sunday so it starts to thaw.
I'm ready for the holidays to be over though.
April needs to get here a little faster. I really hate being pregnant, the outcome is the only thing that gets me through it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Plan Toys Circus Giveaway Closed- Winner announced

 Winner is number 78
Love the 7156 Green Dollhouse with furniture
 Winner has 48 hours to respond, or I will pick a new number.

Just recently, I got the plan toys Circus toy for my kids to  play with.
After doing our evening pick up and after dinner of course, Friday evening we pulled out the box. While my kids were trying to get the box from me they kept guessing what kind of toy it was. My 6 year olds first though was Play Dough. But it wasn't, It was the Plan Toys Circus activity set.
A little information on this specific toy, the age of this toy is labeled at 3 years and above.
The Child Development Skills, which can be found here are creative development skills, Language and Communication skills and Social Development skills. I agree that this toy is appropriately aged. My 6 year old, enjoyed playing with the circus when we pulled it out that evening. However, he has not asked to bring it back out specifically for him to play. My 3 year old, really seemed to enjoy the Circus that evening, and since opening it up, he has pulled it out both on Saturday and Sunday evening to play with it again. Many times, toys don't get played with but once, and then they're done at least for awhile. 

So Friday evening, I sat down on the floor in our living room and opened up the box and began putting it together. As I was opening the packages to get it set up, I looked for the directions on how to put things together. The directions weren't very clear, so for a pregnant brain like mine, It took me a minute to figure out some of the pieces at first. But it wasn't really that hard. 
When I asked my 3 year old what his favorite part about the circus was, he said the magic box. In the set, there is a magic box, and there is a little person you put in there and make him disappear. It was so fun to amaze them at first, then they figured out how I did it.
I wasn't the coolest magic mommy after they figured it out. Then they proceeded to make him disappear themselves.

 A little later though my 3 year old found the booklet with the other plan toys products in there and began telling me which one he wanted.
Which is great, because Christmas is coming up, and I've already started racking my brain trying to figure out educational toys to get them for Christmas this year. It is so hard to buy for the kids who have so many toys already.

So all in all, my kids had a great time playing with the circus. If you recall the earlier post I had about Plan Toys and how they are all natural toys (so no lead paint to worry about) Then you know I'm excited about this toy because of the all natural no harmful toxins involved in making the toy.
And plan toys has so many different age group toys as well. You really could get all of your Christmas shopping done for all of your little ones just shopping at Plan Toys, and that really does make a huge difference when shopping for different age groups.

And you could get a head start on your Christmas shopping for your little ones. Plan Toy's is allowing me to give away The Plan Toys Circus Activity Set to one lucky reader!

This giveaway will be open until Nov. 8th 12pm Central Time.

***It is simple to enter, Go to Plan Toys  and tell me one other toy you think your child might like. ***
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