Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veterans Day November 11! Don't forget to Thank our troops.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and I'm a little late in posting these since some deals have already started. First I'd like to take a moment and Thank all of our active duty, and veterans for their service. My grandfather was Navy and I married a Sailor myself. Although he is now a veteran, I do try and remember to thank him, on Veterans day, but other days as well. I am very proud of my husband and all he has done for our country and for our family. He is an amazing man!I also know many others who have served or are currently serving in the Military.
Again, Thank you for your service.

I hope many of the veterans are able to take advantage of the deals over the course of this week, and tomorrow. Although I believe in my heart that everyday should find you treated like Royal, as you have sacrificed so much for all of us.

24 Hour Fitness: Veterans, active duty or reserve military can work out for free from November 8-14.
Applebee’s: Veterans and active duty military can get a FREE entree from a special menu on Friday, November 11th. Beverages and gratuity not included.
Chili’s: Veterans and active duty military eat free with proof of military service from a special menu on November 11th.
 Dollar General: On November 11th, all veterans, active duty military, National Guard and Reserve, and their immediate families will receive a 10 percent discount at Dollar General.
Golden Corral: Veterans, retired, active duty military, or those serving in the National Guard or Reserves can get a FREE Thank You Dinner on Monday, November 15th.
Hooters: Veterans and active duty military eat free from a special menu (up to an $8.49 value) all day Friday, November 11th.
Hyvee: Veterans can get a free breakfast buffet at any Hyvee supermarket with in-store dining on November 11th from 7AM-11AM. Some stores even have planned programs, displays, entertainment or other activities to go along with the breakfast; check with local stores for details.
McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants: Veterans can get a FREE entree from their special menu on Sunday, November 7th. Space is limited and reservations are highly recommended!
National Parks: Fee-free entrance day at more than 100 national parks that normally charge entrance fees on Friday, November 11th.
Outback Steakhouse: Veterans and active duty military can snag a FREE Bloomin’ Onion and a beverage (one non-alcoholic drink) on Friday, November 11th.
Sam’s Club: Veterans in need of mobility assistance can receive a FREE Hugo cane on November 10th, 11th and 12th (no Sam’s Club membership is required).
Uno Chicago Grill: Veterans and active duty military can snag a free individual pizza or entree with the purchase of an entree or pizza of equal or greater price. No coupon necessary; just show up in uniform or with a picture of you in uniform or with a military or veteran’s ID.

Plum District

Everyone who knows me, knows I am always out for awesome deals!  So I can't pass up letting you guys know about Plum District. Plum District is a deal site, geared towards moms (although dad's can buy too) Very similar in the way it works with other deal sites. You buy the voucher that could be over up to or over 50 percent of the retail value, and redeem it at the location (if local) or online.
Currently they have up voucher for Learning Train. 55 for 29.00. What better way to Christmas shop, in your PJ's at home.
If you are a Plum District Dallas Facebook page fan, you can head on over to their page, and snag a 5 dollar off promo code and get this deal for 24! The Learning Train also has free shipping for orders 55 and over. Please note, it will show shipping at first but as you go through the checkout, it will take off shipping if your order is 55 or over.  There are lots of great toys on their site!
Here is a book I personally think my kids would love only 3.49.
What's Wrong with Rex?

There are other deals up on Plum District if you aren't needing toys or books to mark off your Christmas list.
They also have a 50 voucher for 25 for Hip Street Online.
 Don't forget to like their facebook page for 5 off promo code!
Happy Shopping!

Halloween Hex Bugs!!

Just before Halloween, we threw our Halloween Hex bug party! I set up the event prior to everyone coming, as I know my husband had a little trouble getting it together. So he set it back up for me the night before the party.

The day we got our hexbug Halloween package was exciting! Box full of goodies to open! I have three boys and one little princess, and they went to town. My husband had put it together that evening with them. It was a little trouble getting them to snap on together for us, so I don't recommend kids doing it. The way my kids were working with them, they were likely to break the small snapping pieces off rather easily. Once together though, they were at them like they were dogs getting treats! (I know my kids are not dogs although I truly feel Babies are similar to puppies, they need to be potty trained, and told no when they climb on and get into things.)
The ages for the hexbugs are now 3 and up. I think 3 is the perfect age. My soon to be 3 year old son is in love with them, and will actually carry them around quite a bit. My older son, 8, played with it until it was old for him, which sadly, was rather quickly. Now he may be of the minority when it comes to toys like this, because he truly stopped playing with toys for the most part anyway and is more into video games these days. My 5 year old son, was more interested, although he would leave if his brother caught his attention with something else, (like video games). We had these going on our table and were all quite amused with them. I recall when the hex bugs first came out, my mother wanted to buy them for my now 8 year old. He was much younger when she mentioned it, and if I remember, at that time, they were marked as 8 and up. I really think they are for the younger crowd, especially after seeing my youngest little man playing with them literally, for hours. 
The battery life is very short, as the first night we were playing with them, batteries were dying on them and had to be changed out. The same thing happened at our party, as bugs were dying, now it would have been amusing if they had turned over as they were dying.

The set we have, glows in the dark which was a hit later in the evening when we turned the lights out and could see the bugs still crawling around.

We had also gotten three larva, which we kept one, and the day we opened it, we had a little incident, my oldest put the larva in my daughters hair, and I'm pretty sure that is NOT recommended. It was trouble to get it out,and ultimately ended up having to cut it out of her hair. So please, do not put it in any ones hair.
I'd like to mention about these little bugs, while cute, they can also be scary, especially when your son lets one crawl under the bathroom door while you're in there and of course not expecting it.

There also needs to be a disclaimer on these bugs to remind parents that when they know their child is playing with them, don't be alarmed when they crawl under the bathroom door. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hasbro Play saver coupons

Playsaver has coupons for several toys, for girls and boys. It's time to start getting ready for Christmas shopping and these can be paired with sales. There are also Mega Bloks Coupons out.You will need to sign up for their family club and you will be able to pick your coupons. These will start showing up on sale for Christmas soon, and in many cases Walmart seems to have a deal on them during Black Friday.  Please remember Toys R Us takes coupons too! If you look in this weeks paper, it actually shows some of the deals you can get at Toys R Us. Also remember Target and Walmart will price match other stores that may not take coupons, if you have their ad. *Note* Walmart says you don't need an Ad, but I have run into many issues myself, so It's best to have the Ad, or if anything a copy of their Price Matching and Coupon policy. 

As I find deals for these toys, I will post.

-Dallas Mom

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Miracles

As I sit here typing and watching my two youngest children playing together, I am amazed. Amazed at how much they really teach us. Without a doubt, they fight, but there is also a bond of love they share. These two are 16 months apart in age and I believe they will always be close, like they are today. These two have taught me to smile, despite the two eggs my two year old took off the stove, and I find them broken on the floor in the kitchen, later finding the third egg because i stepped on it. I have had hugs when my son saw me in tears, and the smile of my daughter who lights up a room with her laughter. 

Yesterday afternoon, I sat and watched my daughter taking her nap in her playpen. I had some of the strangest thoughts. My daughter is my miracle, (and so are my boys, so please don't take anything to heart) I was never a person who thought of what life would be like when I had my family, until, I actually had my family. When my husband and I had our first son, I remember thinking the day we found out for sure that  we were having a boy, on my husbands 21st birthday,that this is perfect, we will have one more, a daughter and she will have a big brother to look after her. When we had our second child, this was very awkward at first finding out we were pregnant, because we had never had a time line for baby number two. And of course, our child had their own time line. I recall saying from the beginning, we're having a girl every chance I got. I will admit, my heart was a little sad the day we found out we were having another boy. I recall telling them check again are you sure. That day I remember walking out of there and deciding a new plan. When would we have baby number three, our girl.  It did take a little getting used to saying two boys, but indeed we did, and when we came home from the hospital, I saw a big brother who was so very proud, and it made me proud to be the mother of these two little boys. For quite awhile, we were content, but then we had more changes to come. We bought our first house, and decided it was time for our last baby. This time, I had a time line, which of course, was not the same as our third child's time line. I was somewhat devastated to find out we were having another boy. And for a day, I was sad. Through the rest of that pregnancy, I grew to love and bond with my third son. I was ready for the challenge of three boys. My youngest son, is by far my most dominating son out of the three. I recall bringing him home and remembering his big brothers trying to hold him but he really didn't want anyone else to hold him. And now at 2, he is so very stubborn, much like his oldest brother was by this time. By the time I had him, I was over the idea of having my own little girl. Biologically we felt we were done having kids and I had begun to think one day, just maybe one day, I'd be able to adopt a little girl and bring her into our lives and she'd have three older brothers to look out after her. My time line was not on schedule with the little girl who would come into our lives. When my youngest son was nearly 7 months old, we found out we had a surprise, another baby coming. This pregnancy took it's toll on me, physically and mentally. I will admit because yes, I thought I was going to have another boy. I complained A LOT that pregnancy, it was very hard on me.  Even when they said "girl" I waited for the next ultrasound to tell me it was a boy. I had no hopes of a girl, I think a part of me bonded with thinking it was another boy. The couple weeks leading up to her birth by yet another csection, I had a few issues. Nothing too major, but for me, it felt major at the time. My daughter was born in early April, and I remember laying on the table just waiting for them to finish, and my husband was with her. I hadn't seen her yet and I was very nervous, just ready for it to be over with, and it just seemed to take a very long time to get through the csection. I remember asking the person behind me if it was still a girl. He laughed and said yes, it's a girl. A few moments later, which had seemed more like hours later, my husband brought her over to me. She was beautiful and certainly a little princess. By the time surgery was over, I was exhausted. I mean sleepy exhausted. I remember trying to nurse my little girl, and feeling so tired. I didn't have this experience with the others. And I did indeed nurse all three of them, however, the first two not as long as I had hoped. I felt defeated but relieved when I allowed my husband to feed her one bottle just to get her blood sugar up. I still didn't sleep though. This little girl was my little girl, but despite all of this, I felt no bond with her.I felt giddy,later that night. But I didn't feel much else. I wasn't as proud as I had been about my boys. It took a little while before I became that proud mom that I am. The time line may not been right, but my kids had it right all along.My little girl came to me, just as my little boys came to me. I am lucky!!! And amazed everyday at how they grow.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A whole month

Do you know how hard it is to write when you have four kids at home? I guess I have also needed some downtime away from just everything. We have been on vacation and back, celebrated birthdays, anniversary and fathers day, and we are just getting ready to celebrate another birthday. (Happy Birthday Hubby). 
Today my little princess had a check up, she did pretty good and is growing nicely. She is still on the small side weighing in at a mere 18.8 pounds at 15 months old, when her brothers weighed almost double that 6 months prior. ( ok maybe not double the weight).  I finally took her to  the new doctors office that was recommended for my area as being open minded. We are delaying vaccines and even the holistic pediatrician we came from, that we seem to have been unable to get a sick appointment at, kept pushing vaccines. So far so good with this doctors office. The best part about not having Tricare, is that we can change doctors at any given moment. Tricare you always had to wait. 
 I just learned of another little girl passing from cancer, and it's really hard on me. I didn't even know this little girl personally, but just looking at her picture, and reading about her, my heart breaks so much. It really just isn't fair. There are too many little ones passing away. It is just not fair. I have been reading of a few others that may not make it much longer. I am so lucky that I am not one of these parents who have to go through this, but I still don't think it's fair to anyone to go through this.

Lately I've had a hard time writing though. Just trying to get my thoughts out of my head and into words. I never know where to begin anymore. I have a few reviews to write as well, for now I just have to get through the rest of the day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another crazy week!

So I can't say I have gotten a bunch of great deals this week, because well I haven't. I will say, that the new Walmart in Frisco is awesome! After going to Tom Thumb at 6 am to try and get cupcakes and the coke deal, because I really thought it would sell out, it turns out, they weren't the best deal at Tom Thumb, and I put the cupcakes back, which actually were a better deal, by 1.00 each cupcake box, but I got better service, and was very happy to say, my little man got Batman cupcakes, despite that I did not order the cupcakes prior. The lady in the bakery at this Walmart actually looked for the batman cupcake toppers and placed them on two 12 packs of cupcakes for my little man. He was a very happy almost 5 year old having cupcakes with his class yesterday!

I have gotten poor service from other walmarts when it comes to getting a cake, so i wasn't sure what to expect when I put my stuff back at Tom Thumb and went to walmart yesterday. I price matched the Coke, which was awesome!
All in all, I left really early to try and get what I needed done, I added a little more stress onto myself, but it worked out in the end.

After rushing that early in the morning, I get home only to realize my oldest son, was sick and would be missing his field day. I know he was bummed but he wasn't feeling good at all. I just hope he's over it today since we have a big day with his brothers birthday party!

I will have a review on the DFW Laser Tag up later this week. There is still a deal over at Beget for overnight Laser Tag. I snagged my deal on Living Social and will only be getting two hours of Laser Tag, so if you're in the market for a birthday party idea  for say a slumber party, maybe a camping slumber party? This could be the deal. If you need any birthday party suggestions, don't hesitate to ask me! As my family would say, I'm very crazy over birthday parties. I'm already planning my husbands 30th birthday bash and his 30th is 13 months away.

Today's Birthday party theme is Batman, and If I do say so myself, I did not spend an arm and a leg on his party. I will post about how it went down when I do a review on DFW Laser Tag. for now, it's time to start my day.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One in a half weeks left of school!!!

As crazy as this sounds, I am ready for summer! I'd like to spend time with the kids doing thugs we all enjoy! We have a week in half left of school. And just two days left of a regular school week as my oldest says. His last spelling test on Friday. I've been busy catching my deals for stocking up on things and getting my middle sons 5 th birthday party together. I have made a total of ten capes now and need to make a couple extra to be sure everyone gets one. I hope he has an awesome 5 th birthday!! It is so hard to believe where we are at now! My daughter is one now and finally really starting to wean! She also slept through the night which is the first night in forever! My oldest son is doing so well and has come so very far since the beginning of the year! I am so proud of him. He is truly a wonderful kid. My youngest son well I love him and that Is the easiest way to get through the terrible twos he has hit! Two can be such a wonderful age, but with that comes the really bad age! Hopefully he gets it out of his system soon an before he turns 3.
It didn't seem like the year was going fast until it's now nearly over! Another school year accomplished! Only 23 more years to go!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Make up on Clearance at CVS

My local CVS has several brands of make up on clearance at 75 percent off, some only 50 percent off.
Covergirl was one that was 50 percent off, and there are current coupons for 2.50 off 2 covergirl products. The colorstay lipstick was marked at 50 percent off. the deal  
Buy 2 Colorstay lipstick- 4.98 each use the 2.50 off coupon pay 7.76. Regular price is usually about 8.50.

There were some other great deals for Rimmel, which you can go to the Rimmel facebook page and crown your friends and get a 2.00 off one Rimmel product.
I picked up, (without a coupon) a nail polish that I liked for 1.72 as it was 75 percent off and I had no coupons at the time. There were also coupons for 3.00 off in the, It's no longer there, but if you printed it, now may be the best time to use it.

Check them out

Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Starbucks Deal at Target

When you buy two starbucks 4 pack coffee frappaccinos. 
The deal

2 frappaccinos 5.99 each = 11.98 use 1 2.00/2 coupon found in the Pepsico Insert
You pay 9.98 for two packs, and get back a 5.00 target gift card.

You can do more than one in one transaction and still get all the gift cards. The register prompts them for it.

Also there is a revlon catalina deal that was running the other day, not sure if it is still going. But if you purchase 1 nail revlon nail clipper ( mine had some as low as 1.59) and one package of emory boards (as low as 1.89) you will get several coupons back for 5.00 off two revlon beauty tools, and 2.00 off one revlon beauty tools.
We have an issue with losing our nail clippers around my house, we are now stocked, if only I can not lose the stock pile I have of them now!

Happy Target Shopping!!!

Joovy Caboose Ultra Lite Stroller Review

So I have been meaning to get around to writing about the stroller I bought. Now I do want to first mention, I did purchase this stroller used. It was in very good condition though.
Since having the stroller, I've found it easy for my daughter who is now one and doesn't always want to be confined to a stroller to pull the bottom piece out of the straps. It really does come out that easy. You just have to tug at it long enough.I didn't have this problem at first because she wasn't really active yet.

My daughter is a small little girl, weighing in at just barely 18 pounds and 13 months old. She is my smallest, so I am not used to size being too small, but always too big. I thought she'd grow into this stroller rather well, I was wrong. She is still in my opinion too small for the front seat and I constantly check on her to make sure she's not able to wiggle to the side and will just fall out from the straps. Now the seat will lean back, however you can't lean it back with the other child sitting down in the back, they would have to be standing. This is a problem because what if they are both tuckered out.

Now for my youngest son who is 2 in half, and a big boy, he sits for the most part in the other spot. When I first started to use it, it pushed great. Now that he's a little bigger, and heavier, it's harder to push, not too much harder, but still none the less a little harder.
We noticed it didn't turn very well when we first got it, but were willing to live with that because well there really hasn't been another stroller that is the right size.

So all in all, its a workable stroller that I feel won't last as long as most. Because of this, I will be attempting to use my single stroller for my daughter and hope my son will walk, all the while trying to keep up with the older two brothers as well.

 We have been using this stroller for about 3 months now and it wasn't an everyday use.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freebie Alert Neti Pot

NeilMed is giving away a free NetiPot with two packets! Go to their facebook page, and hit like.

I have had so many people tell me to try the NetiPot for my allergies, hopefully my current allergy attack will be long gone before mine gets here, but if not, I'll be trying it!!

Freebie: Swiffer duster

Swiffer is on their second week of their month long swiffer 360 Dusters giveaway. Get on face book and like their page to snag one!! 
Who doesn't like free stuff!! Especially when it helps with cleaning up after four kids. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I want to be the one who stays oblivious

I'd like to be the one who stays oblivious to the children who are going through and fighting cancer, many losing their battle. I know this sounds wrong on so many accounts. I have been keeping up with several blogs since our friends had found out their son had a tumor. Before this tumor took this precious child from his parents, I had begun to read on several children going through this battle. Understanding what would be happening to our friend, would help us to explain to our children who had developed a good friendship with him. Caleb was right there in between my two oldest sons ages. My oldest took to him a lot more, which only goes to show, this little boy was wise beyond his years. I was also, no longer oblivious.

   It is always hard to see or read or hear a news story on a child with any disease. But it becomes much more of a reality when you know someone who goes through this first hand. It's the same thing with SIDS, until you know someone who has lost their child to it, you really don't think of it. No matter how many articles you read on it. It just never hits you.  I was oblivious to both, until I knew someone first hand. 4 years ago, I knew someone who lost their baby to SIDS. I can't imagine the pain from carrying your child for so long, and getting such a very short time with him. And then children with Cancer, babies with cancer. And these moms and dads hold their babies, and watch them go through pain to get better, and then they don't get better. This is where I want to say, I don't believe God could do this, if he's so great. How can a person watch a family go through this pain, watch these children go through this pain, to lose in the end? If there is a person who is ok with watching this, then they should go through,because it is NOT fair. And if God is as great as so many people believe, why would he allow this. I know the answer some, would give, "It's not God giving them Cancer" Ok, seriously, this is a cop out. I'm pretty sure the parents didn't say hey, lets give my kid cancer, and the devil, ok seriously, God would "let" the devil do this? I mean come on get real face reality when it comes to this. Either God is playing a sick joke or there is just the ideal of God and that's probably great for some people. I personally, just want to say screw it, and scream and yell because there are too many babies who are dying.
Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful that my 4 children are healthy children.  I know this sounds stupid, that I shouldn't blame myself, but I fear something will happen to my children, that I will lose one of them, and to something that I could have prevented, and I of all people should be thankful to God for keeping my children safe and with me, because I certainly do not deserve it by any means. And please don't write me telling me I have to forgive myself etc. These parents did NOTHING  any where near as bad as me and they didn't get the same "Gods mercy". So yes, I am so very thankful that my children are healthy, I am lucky.  But it's still not fair.
I am do not usually use these type of choice words but I really feel that a mother who just lost their child just after Mothers Day, said it perfect, "Fuck Mother Fucking Cancer".

I don't know these other children, but the words their moms and dads write, they are so real and I can feel their pain, even though I have never met them. I want to scream at God for them. These families are better than me, no doubt. I know I am a good mom, sometimes a great one, but these families, they have something else, because they aren't lashing out, but are keeping a Faith that I don't think I have ever had. I am amazed by it, but also wanting to lash out for them. It's really just not fair.

And I leave this entry with one phrase, "Thank you to whoever it is that needs to be thanked for keeping my children here and healthy."  I am very bad about it, but I really need to remember when they get into something, that at least they are here getting into it. So many other families don't have that, and I just feel like beating up something for them!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day is coming Mother's day is coming!

                      And I am not prepared!!!!!

I have everything in my head ready to go, but I have not put it all in action yet. It's taking me quite awhile to get Mother's day gifts done and it's really driving me nuts!! Yesterday my husband told me he's a gift for me for mother's day (good job) and not to open a package. I am usually the one who has this stuff done! And here I am Wed just a little over a week and half before Mother's Day, and I am still working on it. At the rate I seem to be going, it won't be here in time.

I still have several things I need to get done this week, and I haven't even begun Teacher Appreciation Day gift for the boys Teachers! I am slacking I tell you!!!

Oh and don't forget Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up!!! It's really important to me to do for teachers especially ones like my kids teachers who have really helped them in so many ways!!!! So far I have been lucky to have my kids be in a class that the teachers really care a lot! It's always great to do a little extra for them!!!
I'm just really slacking this year. So please don't make my mistake!!!

Mother's Day is May 8th

Teacher appreciation Day

May 2nd through May 6th!!  Next Week!!!!

Ok off to My youngest sons school.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am a mom shopper!!!!! New Review

For those who know me now, you know, I do not shop in malls very much. I am, and will always be, a deal shopper. With four kids, you have to be, especially if you want anything for yourself as well. Now I am a regular shopper of the many deal sites out there, I check them almost on a daily basis, but if I don't check them, I do get the emails and skim through the areas because you never know when there is a good deal that will pop up.
Recently I was contacted by the Beget team to do a review on their site.** I was compensated to review their site, however all of my reviews are of my honest opinion.**
This is a neat opportunity for me, as I love local deal sites! It's a lot easier than clipping coupons, and many times, the companies that provide deals, don't usually have coupons.
My first thought when I went to was that it seemed a little intimidating at first. My mom would probably have a hard time figuring it out, and if I wasn't sitting next to her helping, would probably give up looking at it. A devoted deal saver, will probably keep looking and eventually figure it out. It took me a few tries to the site, but I did figure out how they set it up.
The Registration was confusing considering I had been checking the site out over the last week, and the day I was ready to make a purchase, I thought I had registered, but I hadn't, all I had done was sign up for their emails at first. So I had to go in and fully register. But once you do register the login button isn't quite as hard to find as some of the other sites out there.

On Beget they have several areas to it. Unlike other deal sites that are similar they have narrowed down their deals to categories, not just by areas. We live in "Dallas" but Dallas is a really big city. In my opinion it takes at least 30 minutes to get nearly anywhere. So it's nice to see the deals can be filtered down by area or zones as they have it on Beget. It would be good if they could narrow it down just a little more, like North Dallas rather than Dallas Suburbs.While I do check all of the deals anyway, I would rather look at the deals closer to home first. Once you get past the daily spotlight, and have clicked on a category, you have the option to search filter the deals by zone and type. When you get into your account, you have the option to add a second location under "My Account." I have read that there are National deals, but I haven't quite figured out how to find those.
It took me a little bit of browsing before I realized that the Contact me area does indeed have a customer service line. I found the chat line prior to this though and actually used the feature to chat with someone and had a few questions answered. They were a little slow to answer at first, but overall very good and answered my questions. They aren't available 24 hours a day, so they have hours and those are Monday through Friday 7 am to 11 PM Central time, Saturday 8 am to 11 PM, Sunday 9 am to 11 PM Central time. I think this feature is a great idea!
On Beget there is a time limit to their deals. The "Spotlight" deals or featured deal, seems to have one day to purchase.However they have another section that is called the "Main Street" deals, and these you have more time to purchase. There are pros and cons to this, the big pro, you have time to call the company with any questions. I have missed out on so many deals because I couldn't get through to the company before the deal expired. Beget will also refund you if you decide the purchase is not right for you. However, it sounds as if it goes to your Beget account to be used towards another deal. I have not confirmed this though. So please purchase at your own risk.
The downfall to the "Main Street" deals the deals are up for awhile, and you end up still seeing them for awhile. It kind of seemed a little cluttered, but keeping in mind you do have the option to filter. If they added a new deals filter to the search it would be even easier.
Once you purchase a deal, you don't have to wait for the voucher to be generated, it's generated as soon as you've purchased it. There doesn't seem to be any restrictions on if you can use the deal that day, but again this isn't confirmed so always call the place of business to confirm.
The site will soon have a mobile AP for IPhone and Android phones. I use my iPhone daily so it will be cool to have a deal AP for Beget to check out daily.

Overall Beget seems to be similar to the other deal sites. That is OK though, because the standard works as you can see by the other sites. It's best feature is how fast your voucher is showing up. Once the word is out locally, I really think you will see new deals being posted on a regular basis. And of course, the answer to the biggest pressing question Is Beget a legit deal site? My answer, yes!

The deals

It took me several days to decide on a deal to purchase. Because several of the deals were just to expensive to "try". While my first finds are usually for my kids, I do like to get some deals for myself, and maybe some for date nights for my husband and I. So deals from all over are great for me. Currently there is a deal for a tea party on the Dallas site, while my daughter is to young for tea party, it would be super cool if it could be used to purchase items in their boutique for her. I am all about boutiques especially now that I have a little girl. Now what would my kids like to see? When asked, anything with an arcade or bounce house.
What type of deals would you like to see on Beget? There is an option at the bottom of Beget where you can put in a favorite merchant, this would let them know what deals you would like to see! Or leave me a comment.

Don't forget to check out for all of their daily deals. You never know what you might find!! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Keep Swimimming Just Keep Swimming.

You never understand tragedy to it's full degree until it happens to you closely. Even if it's not to you directly.
How many of you can actually say, they know Cancer exists. That people are fighting it everyday and many do lose their battle and those who win it, are continuing to fight to keep it away. Can you tell what they are going through directly? Specifically, do you know how many children cancer effects?
There are many videos on cancer, showing what it does. The treatments for killing it, and how it does. There are videos showing children who are going through it, or have gone through it.
I was one of those people. Aware that cancer exists. I have seen the Jubliee and her doll commercial many times. I knew it was there. But I have to be honest, it's not that I didn't care before it's that I wasn't really informed that it happens to the best of us, that it can happen to any of us, and suddenly.
My husband and I have a friend who just recently went through this battle with their five year old son, sadly he earned his Angel wings this past Friday. An amazing child who was so loved by so many. How this tumor changed him and so suddenly too. We are grieving with and for our friends, who I'd have to say, is an inspiration for me to get up and move. They are amazing parents, who love their children so very much. Having children myself, I tell myself I am lucky everyday (or rather I try to) because I have healthy children, with me and I am lucky. I am not one of those who has to directly go through the battle, but my eyes are now wide open to it. Before my friends began this journey with their son, I had never seen the Battle For a Cure Facebook page. Again I knew Cancer existed, I had heard of children being cured, and I had heard of children dying.As soon as it was someone close to me going through this it became a reality. These sites open your eyes to more reality. To children who are fighting and are better at fighting than adults who have the flu. These children are amazing children. If there ever was one wish that could be granted, it would be for Cancer to be cured. All Cancers, the rare, the common, the treatments they endure to get better but how they have more smiles than we do.

A fond memory of Caleb
I can not say what kind of pain Caleb was in, but I am sure that it was pain that I wouldn't be able to handle myself. At Church I walked out of the nursery area with my son Logan and My daughter Maiya. Logan was a 28 pound 20 month old. Maiya was probably about 6 months old, and about 14 pounds. When I came around the corner Caleb was sitting on his daddy's lap. I was standing not too far away when I seen Caleb say something to his daddy. His father then said Caleb has asked him to go help me because I was carrying my two youngest. That was the sweetest thing anyone could do. This child who needed his fathers comfort because yes he was in pain, and here he is unselfishly thinking of others. They raised a smart wonderful child who so many of us can learn more from.

I have many memories of Caleb, and I wish we were going to have many more. My oldest son is so sad about his friend, and wants to be there for his friends little brother. As my son told me, he will need someone to play with.
I have learned so much but still have so much more to know when it comes to dealing with cancer. It is not a fair fight and I know we all are on the side of the child/teen/adult. This is why cancer needs to be cured!!!!

To my friends- I don't know if you know this, but we are always here for you no matter what it is you need. Please do not hesitate to call on us, even if its to have a shoulder to cry on, be warned though I may sob too but I will be there for you. You are amazing parents and amazing friends. We are lucky to be here with you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PTA= High School for Moms

There needs to be a real lives of the PTA moms reality show.
I seriously think it would be funnier to watch a woman be the president of the PTA at our local Elementary school tell you how she works 5 days a week, and takes her kids to practices for whatever sport they have going on that day, and cooks dinner from scratch, and does PTA stuff and at the end of the day on Sunday, she feels like she's done something for her child's school than watch women who seem to think its fun to get botox shots in their face, because puffy is the new skinny.

I call BULL! She chose to be president so she could delegate tasks to the other board members. Which in turn makes her feel great, since she feels that because she is PTA president and she can talk down to you as if you are her servant. All because you won't step down from the board because you feel you can make a difference in the lives of the children at the school.

Maybe I should be on this reality show too.

I shouldn't but I'm Human.

I have been pretty lucky lately. I haven't been to the point of pull your hair out screaming at everyone in a little while. I mean I've had anger moments, but lately, I haven't had the whole day thing, until today!

I can't even name how many times I Had to bite my tongue and not say anything or do anything. At one point I seriously had thoughts of running my car into an old lady and her car. My 2 year old has been well, a two year old for majority of the day.
I used to do pretty good letting things slide because there was no point in getting upset he doesn't understand.
Well there is just only so much of this, he doesn't understand a mother can take! He needs to start understanding!

And then there's the PTA Drama. I don't really know who is worse, the kids, or the parents.

I picked up my boys from school, and a small reminder that Open House is tonight. Of course my oldest son wants to go, and why? Because it benefits him.
I almost have the right mind to teach him a lesson and not go. He wants me to go where HE needs to go so he can not have to do his homework. But, if he doesn't go tonight he has to do his homework. Let's just say he's a lot like his daddy in that sense.

By the end of the day, I want to just curl up in a ball and rock myself to sleep!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are you ready

It is 5 am and For some reason I am the only one up. I have been working on the house somewhat this week and I think it's coming along nicely. The boys are finally getting dinosaurs in their room. I have to order the mural, which is thanks to groupon as these are not cheap. It amazes me how many times they will change their minds before going back and settling on the first one. But they did agree upon a mural that had a t Rex in it. I painted two out of the three chests for the boys. The color
Scheme, tan and green drawers. I also painted dinosaurs on the chest. If and when I find a good set of cheap drawers that can be painted I will switch out the third chest. The room is still not completely cleaned up. But it is coming along.
Maiyas room is nearly complete too. I have been on the hunt for a new baby monitor and I'd like a video one. I am looking at the true view digital by safety first. She also needs her shelves hung up in her bedroom and then I can display some of her dolls and such. She is growing up quickly. In just a few days time she Proved she could eat a fry and drink from a straw. I know it sounds crazy but she is a late bloomer compared to her brothers. Which I am back and forth on but I think ultimately I did it to her in a way. I won't say she's alway been held because that wasn't always an option for
Me. But between nursing and lots of cuddles I think she has gotten used to me. I wonder how hard it will be to get her to sleep in her crib. We have been fighting with Logan to get him out of his crib. He just wont budge. He already has the twin bed that is a trundle but he's just so used to sleeping in the crib. Jordan was out of a crib at an early age. I think it was right around 1. Konnor was out of the crib at about 18 months because of moving. Logan went into his crib after a year old. He had slept in our room in his bassinet till almost 9 months old. Then we moved him to the playpen and then attepted a toddler bed. In the end he ended up in the crib in his brothers room. Now he is so used to it we can't get him to lay in his bed. we could really use tips on this one. You think you know what you're doing until you have a kid that doesn't follow what the others did. Maiya hasn't and Logan has some what but not everything by far!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Perfect example of an imperfect person.

I am imperfect. My parenting skills lack I am sure in sonmany areas just as my wifely skills very much lack in plenty of areas. As a friend, well I would have to really have them to improve so obviously there is much lacking in that area. I want to keep it said that
I am a human being no matter how much I get a God complex when I am with my kids.

I am a person, a daughter, a sister and I have had my share of individuals I know. I lack friends for the most part however I know people. I consider my mother my best friend and while that will never ever change I would have to admit it would be nice to have a friend to count on and to be counted on once in awhile.( being hours away doesn't count and you know who you are). I am blunt when it comes to this and I am sure this is my biggest downfall I just always feel people are ultimately out for themselves. And so I don't get close. I have "friends" but friends can also be people you know and that's where I believe my friends are. Will that ever change? Maybe I will be a lucky duck and God will put someone I can relate to and who can seriously deal with me for who I am if not, I have my mother and my blog so I will get by. But none the less, I am imperfect as a person, as a daughter and as a friend.

I am a wife. I was a wife prior to becoming a Mom. Now I don't want to mislead you I became a wife because I was becoming a mother. I married my husband while very much so showing that I was not exactly the most innocent woman out there. My husband was not the most innocent either. We started our marriage early and in reality it was not the most ideal. We have had our problems and still by far our marriage is not perfect and it will never be "perfect". For us to survive the years we have survived I believe we are in it for a long haul. Am I the best wife, of course I am. Do I do everything I should. Absolutely!!! Yeah absolutely Not!! I don't clean the way a stay at home mom/housewife does. I suck at it. Did my husband know this prior to marriage. Yes, but does it make it any easier on my family for my lack of skills. Nope it is still just as hard. Am I in parent mode when I should be in wife mode only. Yes and I will dig deeper into that one. Do I love my husband, yes! Do I get angry at him and say things I probably shouldnt say. I wouldn't be human if I didn't. Do I go back and apologize because I was in the wrong? I have and I have also been known to be stubborn and not open my mouth when I should have. I am an imperfect wife. Majority of what I say and do there probably is a better time or place for it all. Do I keep things inside when I get upset and such, yes, do I wish my husband and I could make even more changes to our marriage, yes. Would I do things differently, yes and no. Yes if all of the important events could still take place if I were to change other things. I am human. A person who says they have no regrets only learned that they can't change the past. And you can't but it doesn't mean deep down they would change it if given that chance. I would change how my husband and I were to each other when "dating" among many others things. I would change timelines on when I had my kids but most certainly not who I have. I adore the fact that my daughter is the youngest even though I did t expect to have 3 in front Of her. There is so much I would change bEcause there really was a better way to do it. But since I can't change it. All I can do is admit that I am imPerfect and I think about those things.

I am an imperfect parent most of all. I yell at my kids to get through to them because sometimes they just don't listen. I do not hit them but will spank even though I said I wouldn't. I have done things that I am not ok with and what others view as ok I don't always see the morality in it will insay something? I might or I might keep my mouth shut. Because I am a imperfect parent too. I have spent over 7 years being a mother. That job is the most important job I will ever have and it is also the job I can't get fired from. It's the job I will always make mistakes in no matter what I do. I will learn from one mistake but will make a whole new set of them. As my kids grow i grow. Most of the time I will say it feels like i am growing old. Do I ever wish for time away. Yes. I need it. I dream of a vacation without my kids. I dream of a vacation with just me and maybe a best friend. I dream of a vacations where my kids can sit in front of me and not have to look back every five seconds to me sure we are there because we wouldn't leave our kids no matter how many imperfect moments we have said I'm going to leave you here kids! At the end of each day If I could do it each day, it is rewarding to know I would not change the constant in my life. My kids do mean the world to me. We are almost out of the stage where we are constantly needed. My daughter will be a toddler soon and she will amaze us and start walking and talking. I've been in a rush in my mind but my actions have not proven that. I could make her take from a bottle by just stop nursing her. It might take her getting to the point of hungry but ultimately I think it would say she would take a bottle. But I would break way before then. Because no matter what I have this thing instilled in me. It's called imPerfect parent!

What I am getting at with this post is I get we are not perfect. I am a prime example but why do we allow ourselves to be that person who hides behind it almost all of the time.

I am amie and I am an imperfect human being. I would call myself a christian but I hate titles and even still I don't always do what God wants me to. Because I am imperfect. I lead what I believe to be a moral life. I want things and I also give up things. I have been known to be the best friend a person could ever ask for and I have been known to "let" a friend down. I wish my husband was my best friend and therefore know there is always room for improvement in so many aspects of my life. I don't always admit when I am wrong because yes it's harder to do than to say it. I am imperfect very Imperfect.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did you get the flu vaccine?

The last couple weeks have been a bit trying. After getting through allergies which had my nose pink and raw we were finally able to have our family pictures done. I am so excited about getting them back. I have seen the proofs and picked out the pictures I loved the most, which was very hard, because don't you love all pictures of your kids. If you are in the Dallas area and need a photographer I'd recommend 807 photography. Jen was great and had the boys playing and despite the lack of listening from my 7 year old. She captured some good pictures.
So now we are back to last week. Last week My middle son started coming down with something. I of course thought it was an ear infection because he was complaining of ear pain. He stayed home from school and first thing that morning I called and made him an appt. While awaiting his appt time, he was laying on my bed playing with toys with his little brother and little sister. later, it turned out he had the flu. This is a first for us. none of of my kids have had the flu. I choose not to get a flu shot, because every time I get the flu shot, I get the flu, otherwise, I've never had the flu. We kind of stick to it that with the kids, and have never directly gotten the shot for them.
So Of course the playing with the toys prior to the doctors appointment really put the three in close proximity, and several days later while stuck inside because of ice and snow, the youngest two came down with it. As soon as we saw that they were looking better, although still today aren't 100 percent. I started showing symptoms.
The flu seriously is very crappy.
The couple of times I had the flu before, I remember being completely out to where I couldn't function. So far, I've had some function except for when I had a fever. I'm pretty sure I had caught the flu from my kids, but of course I haven't been to the doctor to confirm. By the time I started coming down with symptoms and would have been able to get into the doctors it was too late to try tamiflu, and they say you need it 48 hours after onset of symptoms.
We have been treating everyone with natural immune system boosters, and even after being stuck home for a week with sickies, my oldest son and my husband has not gotten it.
What I am curious about is how long does the flu normally last for people?
And with or without the flu vaccine?
Because I would assume if you have the vaccine wouldn't you think that it would be a easier case of the flu?