Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another crazy week!

So I can't say I have gotten a bunch of great deals this week, because well I haven't. I will say, that the new Walmart in Frisco is awesome! After going to Tom Thumb at 6 am to try and get cupcakes and the coke deal, because I really thought it would sell out, it turns out, they weren't the best deal at Tom Thumb, and I put the cupcakes back, which actually were a better deal, by 1.00 each cupcake box, but I got better service, and was very happy to say, my little man got Batman cupcakes, despite that I did not order the cupcakes prior. The lady in the bakery at this Walmart actually looked for the batman cupcake toppers and placed them on two 12 packs of cupcakes for my little man. He was a very happy almost 5 year old having cupcakes with his class yesterday!

I have gotten poor service from other walmarts when it comes to getting a cake, so i wasn't sure what to expect when I put my stuff back at Tom Thumb and went to walmart yesterday. I price matched the Coke, which was awesome!
All in all, I left really early to try and get what I needed done, I added a little more stress onto myself, but it worked out in the end.

After rushing that early in the morning, I get home only to realize my oldest son, was sick and would be missing his field day. I know he was bummed but he wasn't feeling good at all. I just hope he's over it today since we have a big day with his brothers birthday party!

I will have a review on the DFW Laser Tag up later this week. There is still a deal over at Beget for overnight Laser Tag. I snagged my deal on Living Social and will only be getting two hours of Laser Tag, so if you're in the market for a birthday party idea  for say a slumber party, maybe a camping slumber party? This could be the deal. If you need any birthday party suggestions, don't hesitate to ask me! As my family would say, I'm very crazy over birthday parties. I'm already planning my husbands 30th birthday bash and his 30th is 13 months away.

Today's Birthday party theme is Batman, and If I do say so myself, I did not spend an arm and a leg on his party. I will post about how it went down when I do a review on DFW Laser Tag. for now, it's time to start my day.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One in a half weeks left of school!!!

As crazy as this sounds, I am ready for summer! I'd like to spend time with the kids doing thugs we all enjoy! We have a week in half left of school. And just two days left of a regular school week as my oldest says. His last spelling test on Friday. I've been busy catching my deals for stocking up on things and getting my middle sons 5 th birthday party together. I have made a total of ten capes now and need to make a couple extra to be sure everyone gets one. I hope he has an awesome 5 th birthday!! It is so hard to believe where we are at now! My daughter is one now and finally really starting to wean! She also slept through the night which is the first night in forever! My oldest son is doing so well and has come so very far since the beginning of the year! I am so proud of him. He is truly a wonderful kid. My youngest son well I love him and that Is the easiest way to get through the terrible twos he has hit! Two can be such a wonderful age, but with that comes the really bad age! Hopefully he gets it out of his system soon an before he turns 3.
It didn't seem like the year was going fast until it's now nearly over! Another school year accomplished! Only 23 more years to go!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Make up on Clearance at CVS

My local CVS has several brands of make up on clearance at 75 percent off, some only 50 percent off.
Covergirl was one that was 50 percent off, and there are current coupons for 2.50 off 2 covergirl products. The colorstay lipstick was marked at 50 percent off. the deal  
Buy 2 Colorstay lipstick- 4.98 each use the 2.50 off coupon pay 7.76. Regular price is usually about 8.50.

There were some other great deals for Rimmel, which you can go to the Rimmel facebook page and crown your friends and get a 2.00 off one Rimmel product.
I picked up, (without a coupon) a nail polish that I liked for 1.72 as it was 75 percent off and I had no coupons at the time. There were also coupons for 3.00 off in the, It's no longer there, but if you printed it, now may be the best time to use it.

Check them out

Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Starbucks Deal at Target

When you buy two starbucks 4 pack coffee frappaccinos. 
The deal

2 frappaccinos 5.99 each = 11.98 use 1 2.00/2 coupon found in the Pepsico Insert
You pay 9.98 for two packs, and get back a 5.00 target gift card.

You can do more than one in one transaction and still get all the gift cards. The register prompts them for it.

Also there is a revlon catalina deal that was running the other day, not sure if it is still going. But if you purchase 1 nail revlon nail clipper ( mine had some as low as 1.59) and one package of emory boards (as low as 1.89) you will get several coupons back for 5.00 off two revlon beauty tools, and 2.00 off one revlon beauty tools.
We have an issue with losing our nail clippers around my house, we are now stocked, if only I can not lose the stock pile I have of them now!

Happy Target Shopping!!!

Joovy Caboose Ultra Lite Stroller Review

So I have been meaning to get around to writing about the stroller I bought. Now I do want to first mention, I did purchase this stroller used. It was in very good condition though.
Since having the stroller, I've found it easy for my daughter who is now one and doesn't always want to be confined to a stroller to pull the bottom piece out of the straps. It really does come out that easy. You just have to tug at it long enough.I didn't have this problem at first because she wasn't really active yet.

My daughter is a small little girl, weighing in at just barely 18 pounds and 13 months old. She is my smallest, so I am not used to size being too small, but always too big. I thought she'd grow into this stroller rather well, I was wrong. She is still in my opinion too small for the front seat and I constantly check on her to make sure she's not able to wiggle to the side and will just fall out from the straps. Now the seat will lean back, however you can't lean it back with the other child sitting down in the back, they would have to be standing. This is a problem because what if they are both tuckered out.

Now for my youngest son who is 2 in half, and a big boy, he sits for the most part in the other spot. When I first started to use it, it pushed great. Now that he's a little bigger, and heavier, it's harder to push, not too much harder, but still none the less a little harder.
We noticed it didn't turn very well when we first got it, but were willing to live with that because well there really hasn't been another stroller that is the right size.

So all in all, its a workable stroller that I feel won't last as long as most. Because of this, I will be attempting to use my single stroller for my daughter and hope my son will walk, all the while trying to keep up with the older two brothers as well.

 We have been using this stroller for about 3 months now and it wasn't an everyday use.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freebie Alert Neti Pot

NeilMed is giving away a free NetiPot with two packets! Go to their facebook page, and hit like.

I have had so many people tell me to try the NetiPot for my allergies, hopefully my current allergy attack will be long gone before mine gets here, but if not, I'll be trying it!!

Freebie: Swiffer duster

Swiffer is on their second week of their month long swiffer 360 Dusters giveaway. Get on face book and like their page to snag one!! 
Who doesn't like free stuff!! Especially when it helps with cleaning up after four kids. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I want to be the one who stays oblivious

I'd like to be the one who stays oblivious to the children who are going through and fighting cancer, many losing their battle. I know this sounds wrong on so many accounts. I have been keeping up with several blogs since our friends had found out their son had a tumor. Before this tumor took this precious child from his parents, I had begun to read on several children going through this battle. Understanding what would be happening to our friend, would help us to explain to our children who had developed a good friendship with him. Caleb was right there in between my two oldest sons ages. My oldest took to him a lot more, which only goes to show, this little boy was wise beyond his years. I was also, no longer oblivious.

   It is always hard to see or read or hear a news story on a child with any disease. But it becomes much more of a reality when you know someone who goes through this first hand. It's the same thing with SIDS, until you know someone who has lost their child to it, you really don't think of it. No matter how many articles you read on it. It just never hits you.  I was oblivious to both, until I knew someone first hand. 4 years ago, I knew someone who lost their baby to SIDS. I can't imagine the pain from carrying your child for so long, and getting such a very short time with him. And then children with Cancer, babies with cancer. And these moms and dads hold their babies, and watch them go through pain to get better, and then they don't get better. This is where I want to say, I don't believe God could do this, if he's so great. How can a person watch a family go through this pain, watch these children go through this pain, to lose in the end? If there is a person who is ok with watching this, then they should go through,because it is NOT fair. And if God is as great as so many people believe, why would he allow this. I know the answer some, would give, "It's not God giving them Cancer" Ok, seriously, this is a cop out. I'm pretty sure the parents didn't say hey, lets give my kid cancer, and the devil, ok seriously, God would "let" the devil do this? I mean come on get real face reality when it comes to this. Either God is playing a sick joke or there is just the ideal of God and that's probably great for some people. I personally, just want to say screw it, and scream and yell because there are too many babies who are dying.
Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful that my 4 children are healthy children.  I know this sounds stupid, that I shouldn't blame myself, but I fear something will happen to my children, that I will lose one of them, and to something that I could have prevented, and I of all people should be thankful to God for keeping my children safe and with me, because I certainly do not deserve it by any means. And please don't write me telling me I have to forgive myself etc. These parents did NOTHING  any where near as bad as me and they didn't get the same "Gods mercy". So yes, I am so very thankful that my children are healthy, I am lucky.  But it's still not fair.
I am do not usually use these type of choice words but I really feel that a mother who just lost their child just after Mothers Day, said it perfect, "Fuck Mother Fucking Cancer".

I don't know these other children, but the words their moms and dads write, they are so real and I can feel their pain, even though I have never met them. I want to scream at God for them. These families are better than me, no doubt. I know I am a good mom, sometimes a great one, but these families, they have something else, because they aren't lashing out, but are keeping a Faith that I don't think I have ever had. I am amazed by it, but also wanting to lash out for them. It's really just not fair.

And I leave this entry with one phrase, "Thank you to whoever it is that needs to be thanked for keeping my children here and healthy."  I am very bad about it, but I really need to remember when they get into something, that at least they are here getting into it. So many other families don't have that, and I just feel like beating up something for them!