Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what makes you think you can take on a task

The last week and a half have been crazy. School started and so did my social life. My social life has never consisted of girl talk and girl events. In fact surprisingly I had just thrown my first baby shower ever. I had fun doing it however it is not my normal social life. The last week and a half, my social life has been all about PTA!
Today, I spent the entire day with obvious round up and feed kids moments, working on planning the first set of programs. Only to find out later the email I sent off, may just get shot down completely. I also supported my husband in his back to school evening. Got him dinner and got his notebook to him. I totallY meant to put an encouraging note in there, (sorry ) but I totally blanked when I was on the phone!
I know things won't stay this busy forever. Although it would get pretty full if I add on a Second PTA! And this one, would be just starting out, so it would need alot of attention.
I have two more kids who may attend that school and everything I do for this stuff I do it so it will benefit my child as well as the other students.
I am crazy I know, I mean come on I Was brave enough to have four kids.

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