Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween Hex Bugs!!

Just before Halloween, we threw our Halloween Hex bug party! I set up the event prior to everyone coming, as I know my husband had a little trouble getting it together. So he set it back up for me the night before the party.

The day we got our hexbug Halloween package was exciting! Box full of goodies to open! I have three boys and one little princess, and they went to town. My husband had put it together that evening with them. It was a little trouble getting them to snap on together for us, so I don't recommend kids doing it. The way my kids were working with them, they were likely to break the small snapping pieces off rather easily. Once together though, they were at them like they were dogs getting treats! (I know my kids are not dogs although I truly feel Babies are similar to puppies, they need to be potty trained, and told no when they climb on and get into things.)
The ages for the hexbugs are now 3 and up. I think 3 is the perfect age. My soon to be 3 year old son is in love with them, and will actually carry them around quite a bit. My older son, 8, played with it until it was old for him, which sadly, was rather quickly. Now he may be of the minority when it comes to toys like this, because he truly stopped playing with toys for the most part anyway and is more into video games these days. My 5 year old son, was more interested, although he would leave if his brother caught his attention with something else, (like video games). We had these going on our table and were all quite amused with them. I recall when the hex bugs first came out, my mother wanted to buy them for my now 8 year old. He was much younger when she mentioned it, and if I remember, at that time, they were marked as 8 and up. I really think they are for the younger crowd, especially after seeing my youngest little man playing with them literally, for hours. 
The battery life is very short, as the first night we were playing with them, batteries were dying on them and had to be changed out. The same thing happened at our party, as bugs were dying, now it would have been amusing if they had turned over as they were dying.

The set we have, glows in the dark which was a hit later in the evening when we turned the lights out and could see the bugs still crawling around.

We had also gotten three larva, which we kept one, and the day we opened it, we had a little incident, my oldest put the larva in my daughters hair, and I'm pretty sure that is NOT recommended. It was trouble to get it out,and ultimately ended up having to cut it out of her hair. So please, do not put it in any ones hair.
I'd like to mention about these little bugs, while cute, they can also be scary, especially when your son lets one crawl under the bathroom door while you're in there and of course not expecting it.

There also needs to be a disclaimer on these bugs to remind parents that when they know their child is playing with them, don't be alarmed when they crawl under the bathroom door. 

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