Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just spending our last week together

It's been a somewhat relaxed yet hectic summer. We didn't do anything we wanted to do for our boys because well, the funds weren't quite there most of the time. Trying to save for the medical bills that having number three will bring us, along with getting diapers for number three.
It was a family event finding out that number three will be Logan, so that was an interesting day.
We added animals to our family as well.

Now, with less than a week away, Jordan starts Prek at our local early learning preschool. Yeah those of you who know me are probably thinking, didnt he go to school last year. Yes he did. But he went for two hours, only two days a week. He will now go five days a week, from 7:50 am to 2:50 pm. I've anticipated him starting school, but now that its happening, I'm a little sad.
We didn't really go school shopping, I mean what on earth could a four year old prek student NEED for school. But I've always been excited to take my kids back to school shopping and bonding during it, as my mom and I did growing up.
What school shopping I did do, Jordan wasn't very interested in. I guess I keep forgetting, he is only four.

So on that note, we've got KonnorBear who we really believe will have issues with his big bubba going away ALL day long all week.
We are going to start our own Prek program at home now that we'll have a little extra time, but I still have loads left to sew for Logan, and I just have no clue how I'm going to entertain Konnor and get things done.

So I am losing a child during the day, to school, but gaining a child who will be so bored and so upset and who can't entertain himself for even the slightest five minutes. Unlike Jordan was able to do at this age. And if you're starting to think, naptime would be a great time. If I am lucky enough to get him to take a nap, It's usually because I'm compeltely beat and i hold him down and he'll finally fall asleep. If I do that when I'm just not completely exhausted, I'll become exhausted and fall asleep with him anyway. So that idea really is shot out the door.

I still have several blankets to make for Logan and his bigger brothers to share with him.
Along with adding the snaps to our prefolds. (which I NEED to take to the hospital with me).
Plus I need to work on the soakers, and the pants for covering his diapers. And then I would love to finally get around to making some clothes for him. Cute outfits for the winter, and our travelling. Not only that, I still have to finish the house!
We still need an entertainment center for upstairs. Plus I need to reupholster the sectional couch down stairs. Which I keep saying I'll do it today, but havent done that yet.
I will soon though. Maybe today, if I can muster up some energy to do it.
I also keep saying I will work on the yarn doll for Konnor and then maybe eventually make one for Logan. Of course his is not even half finished.

I really need an automactic knitting machine, cause I think its just I'm no good at knitting.

So on my agenda today... play with my kids!

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  1. i thought jordan was older than cordelia. she starts kindergarten on thursday. the good thing is that i will be in school at the same times as her (8-3) so i wont have to be bored. her birthday was saturday and i didn't cry, but i can feel it coming. and it's not that she is older it is that she has changed. she is more independent and i know that one day she will wake up and say she doesn't need me to get her clothes out for her, and she doesn't need me to wash her hair, or cut up her food. all becuase she is a big girl now. it sucks.