Sunday, November 22, 2009

School's out for Thanksgiving!

YAY, I have been busy busy busy. School is out for Thanksgiving week, which is great for me.
I have been trying to get majority of the PTA work out of the way prior to tomorrow. I have just a little bit left to finish up as soon as I find more tape. Then they will be ready to go on Wed.
I do have a few things to get together so they're ready to go home to parents as soon as school gets back in.
Dec 1st is right around the corner, so we need to get that ready.
We're going to be doing a scrapbook for the boys teachers, so I need to get the cardstock ready so I can send them home just before Winter Break. I want to make sure this gets done for the teachers as next year I'll be a little busy too. I just want to have it all done and ready prior to Teacher appreciation day.

For Jordans teacher we're making a blanket for her in the kids art class. So I have to get that set up on what day we'll do that. Then I need to finish coming up with the game for the party that day. My other sons class doesn't really need me to do anything for the party, so I'm a little bummed. Next year will be much different. When he's in the four year old program There will be more for me to do. I hope. So all in all this week is going to be a good fun week. Monday and Tuesday we're going to do craft stuff, and work on our homemade christmas gifts! And then Wed is get the house clean for Turkey day!
It'll be a good week with no school and lots of family time. Maybe even watch a movie together.

Yay for good weeks.

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