Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have been busy

I have been very busy lately, it seems each week something with school has been going on. Reflections program is almost over. I hope to have everything ready to be turned in by Monday or Tuesday next week.
I'm excited for the kids.
Today though my biggest man caught a stomach bug, last night was an evening because he was in the bathroom so much. So I kept him home today from school, just in case.  He seems to be doing better now though, but my husband and I both seem to have caught it.
Hopefully it doesnt go through to the other two boys.
December 1st we will confirm gender. I know she said she's 80 percent sure its a girl, but there's still room for error.
I did break down and purchase some dresses, because they were 1.00, but I will take them back or give them to a friend in the event that its a boy instead.
I need to get a working on my diaper cakes. I want to make a few actually. I got pretty much everything except for the extra little things for it.

Well Thanksgiving is coming up, I'm cooking this year! So that should be fun.
I've got my menu planned, and turkey is in the freezer, I'll take it out on Sunday so it starts to thaw.
I'm ready for the holidays to be over though.
April needs to get here a little faster. I really hate being pregnant, the outcome is the only thing that gets me through it.

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