Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fisher Price Newborn Rock N' play sleeper

Life has been so busy the last month, but now its time to get this review up. The Fisher Price Newborn Rock N' Play Sleeper is just awesome and a must have for every new or second time parent (or fourth in my case)
I have three boys already, and let me tell you when I had Logan my third son, we went through exactly what we went through with the first two boys, RSV. Logan ended up in the hospital for a few hours, and then we went home. I wish I had this then! The main reason is because it elevates the babies head, which would have been great and I wouldn't have had to cuddle him through the night, barely sleeping because I was worried I might not hold his head up enough. He was the worst of the RSVers and we hope we don't have to go through it with Maiya, but if we do, we're covered with how we will lay her for sleeping.
It is super easy to put together which is a plus because other baby gear I've had its almost like they parent proof things too.  This makes its a much nicer gift to give as well! I would give this as a baby shower gift just so the parents won't have to struggle to put it together, so this is something to keep in mind if you're looking for a great baby shower gift!
We have a very tall bed, as we have one of the thicker mattresses, so the height next to the bed isnt very good for me. Especially after a Csection. So it has not taken the place of our bassinet for everyday use.
However, we are known to travel, and with four kids now, we have no room for one playpen in our car let alone having two play pens in our car. We will be taking our first trip with all four kids to a reunion in June. This will work perfect for Maiya to sleep in and it won't take up hardly any room in our car, which is great, because we have a Saturn Outlook and 4 kids, and there really is a car seat in every available seat in the back. Between our bags, which are a tight fit, our stroller, which is in the back and takes up every possible space in the back. We're not sure exactly how we will do the trip, but its a load off my shoulders knowing I don't have to attempt to pack two play pens and this can fold up and be placed in the car with no problem.

Overall I love it! For the retail price of 49.99 this is well worth the investment! I do wish it could be used past 25 pounds, as my babies tend to get big pretty quick. We'll see what happens with Maiya but my three boys, wouldn't have made it past 2 months max using it because of how big they were.
Maiya isn't as big and a girl, so we'll see!

I would love to see this in other colors though, and maybe even a vibrate feature, but overall it does the trick, which is wonderful for so many different situations!

One flaw I have with this, is that you really need two! One to leave at home, and one to leave in the car!!  Fisher-Price should sell them in a two pack because this can be used literally anywhere, and we all know we end up somewhere and need a place to lay the baby down so you can just have even a few minutes of free hands.
Because you never know when you might get off track and need it, and you didn't bring it! I'm known for that!!!

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