Friday, April 2, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks soundtrack

Here is a great product description of the soundtrack.

The Squeakquel Movie Soundtrack is great entertainment for both kids and parents.  Featuring chipmunk'd renditions of classics from Beyonce, Katy Perry, the Bee Gees and many more, Alvin, Simon, Theodore and their girlfriends, The Chipettes, provide hours of fun for everyone.

I recently downloaded the cd to their little mp3 players and they have started to learn the words to the songs. Even my three year old. I think the best part about all of it is they started to do their  "break dancing" routines again. They hadn't tried break dancing in awhile.
This is a great CD so much fun for the whole family.
You can get your own copy of the cd here. 

It could make a really great Easter Basket gift!

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