Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day is coming Mother's day is coming!

                      And I am not prepared!!!!!

I have everything in my head ready to go, but I have not put it all in action yet. It's taking me quite awhile to get Mother's day gifts done and it's really driving me nuts!! Yesterday my husband told me he's a gift for me for mother's day (good job) and not to open a package. I am usually the one who has this stuff done! And here I am Wed just a little over a week and half before Mother's Day, and I am still working on it. At the rate I seem to be going, it won't be here in time.

I still have several things I need to get done this week, and I haven't even begun Teacher Appreciation Day gift for the boys Teachers! I am slacking I tell you!!!

Oh and don't forget Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up!!! It's really important to me to do for teachers especially ones like my kids teachers who have really helped them in so many ways!!!! So far I have been lucky to have my kids be in a class that the teachers really care a lot! It's always great to do a little extra for them!!!
I'm just really slacking this year. So please don't make my mistake!!!

Mother's Day is May 8th

Teacher appreciation Day

May 2nd through May 6th!!  Next Week!!!!

Ok off to My youngest sons school.

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