Friday, January 23, 2009

The best and Hottest Products

I moved to Texas a year and three months ago. When I first got here, I was on my own because my husband was not fully "out" of the military yet. At this point in time, I had no friends, and I had no way to make them either. I had two kids with me and anywhere I went they went.
A few months after my husband came home, I came across the Metroplexbaby website. Of course I was looking around the site, and came across their events. So finally I took a chance and bought a ticket. At this point, I was pregnant with my third little one finally.
So I went, not expecting much, because I didn't want to be disappointed. In High School I guess it just comes much more naturally to make friends, because over the course of the last 5 years since moving, I have not been able to make friends very easily. I think it is because I am usually too much in the role of mommy and nothing else. I don't have any other topics to talk about.
Mine are, my kids, carseats and whatever there is to talk about that has to do with kids.
So I went to this event and had a blast. I met one other person there that I felt like I got along with, or rather who talked to me.
Not only that I came home with an awesome gift, along with some really cool stuff in the goody bags.
Now these events are very popular for their items, because really, these are great things to have for the little ones you have. But for me, not only did I get an awesome item, (a pouch sling), I was around other ladies who have something in common with me. Kids!

Last night I went to another Best and Hottest Products event, I was super excited because I hadn't been to an event in a month partly because I had just had my newest little boy.
Now while I didn't get a brand new car seat (which was what I had wanted ). I did get another carrier, in which I gave to another new mama to be that I was sitting with me. I really have no idea why I gave her my item, but she wanted it, I really didn't need my carrier(Since the pouch Sling I've gained a Beco as well).
Along with that, I also gained a few more friends, and maybe we'll actually get together outside of these events and really become friends.

These events are awesome, I'm going to another one next month as well as a few other informational ones. I am excited about them. I love going to these events because I leave with some awesome stuff, and I'm finally making friends here in Texas.

Barbara and Tina, thanks for making the events so great!

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