Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And then we had three

Do over?

Summer will be coming to an end. All summer i have had all three boys, and then suddenly, August 24th it will be one little boy everyday. My two oldest boys will be off to school, one to Kindergarten the other to preschool half a day.
I am amazed at how quick my boys are growing up. My oldest has been quick all along, but my sweet middle son, has always been a baby to me up until just over a month ago when he finally (and yes after I begged and pleaded for him to actually do it) potty trained. He's been doing better than my oldest who gets to lazy. So when I asked the school if he HAD to be potty trained before school started, they said they would like it, but its not mandatory as they will try and help them with it. Well, he's got it down. It's taken a load off my washer none the less. I cloth diaper, so they do use one at night, (all three actually).

It really is a bittersweet thing.

I still hold on to the tiny bit of hope that one day I'll ever have pink to add to my family of five for a family of six. Even though I know it really won't happen even if I changed my mind.

So for now, it's only blue in my house. Well unless you count Miko but then you would have to count Jax. And well, I already feel outnumbered as it is.

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