Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first product review

So as I've talked about before, I attend the Metro Mom's events which are just super awesome as they come up with the latest and greatest Mom products out there. Well after hunting through the newest items on the best and hottest products event. I came across The Wean Machine.
Well, since I have become mom of three, I've decided to take my crazy mom status a step further, and make my own baby food this time around. This was something I had never done before.

At exactly 4 months old, I took Logan in for his fourth month checkup. He had been nursing nearly around the clock even still. So his pediatrician said, start a little solids. I of course, despite being mom of three boys not just one, asked again "How much do I give him?". Her reply " Two tablespoons once or maybe twice a day right now?"

So on my way home, I picked up some yummy fruits, pulled up the baby food making website, and went to work making some baby food. He got his first food of bananas because it was the fastest to make.

Now would you know, my son was not satisfied with just two table spoons of baby food. Oh no no no, when I started feeding him, and then stopped, he was ANGRY at me.
And on we went with more baby food, yet, he was still nursing like crazy after.

So one day we try commercial food for him as we were getting close to our trip to visit family, it was organic of course, and he hated it. So that ended the attempt at commercial made food, and it was still at, homemade food. But what would happen if I was eating out, and didn't have any food ready to grab before I needed to leave, as this did happen so many times already.
So that's when I came across The Wean Machine through the metromoms site, and while reading about it said to myself I could use this on our trip while we always go out to dinner quite often with my family.

That's exactly what I did.

It was great to use. I bought veggies, and had my steam bags (makes an easy way to make the baby food quick if you need to) for the hotel in Orlando. And steamed them up stuck them in the wean machine and mashed, and done. It was so much easier than making a mess with the hotel blender, plus when you're out you can stick this little machine in the diaper bag and you're ready to go out to eat and usually you can find something to mash up in it. And their site, gives you a list of good foods that work well with it. You can't get any better than that.

To view more information on The Wean Machine, visit their site. Or even to check out where they are sold and purchase one.

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