Thursday, July 30, 2009

Need a great place to go in DFW

Dallas Fort Worth Modern Babies and Children did a photo shoot at Going Bonkers this morning. Entry was free to the facebook fans that showed up. Some of the pictures may possibly be used in their advertisements.

Now this was my third trip to Going Bonkers and it really just gets better every time I go. Going Bonkers has a huge play area which pretty much takes up an entire half of the building, and the building is not small by any means. The first time I went my middle son was just two years old, and couldn't quite climb up, but they had an awesome toddlers area that he was able to do just fine.
Since that visit, and since he's gotten older and a little taller, he's learned to be able to climb up everywhere. And again, its big.

My five year old son even loves it. He actually stayed away from the arcade until I told him we were going up to the top part to visit the games.

Now this place is great for parents too, in several ways. Up near the game room there is a parents retreat, and they have WIFI as well. Need to work? They have you covered.
Or, want your own work out because you missed the gym? Get up there with your kids and climb all around, it will be a work out too.

Parents also don't have to worry about the kids getting out the door without you, there's a kid check just like your other favorite kid places have these days.

And don't forget about lunch, they have you covered with their snack bar. They have drinks, snacks (of course) and lunch menu items like nearly every kids favorite, Pizza!

Over all, Going Bonkers has a great amount of fun for everyone in the family. Especially everyone in my family.
So next time you're looking for something fun to do with your kids, check them out!

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