Friday, June 25, 2010

25 has come and gone.

So my birthday is coming up, and surprisingly my oldest son knew that its next week, down to what day it is next week. (Top that one hubby) and (thanks Grammy). So I was thinking about it today. I have actually mistaken my age several times, and I've had to look to my husband to remind me which number I am, (or turning in this case). I have caught myself doing this a few times already and I am turning 27, and yes I asked my husband to be sure.

I believe once I had turned 25 I started forgetting my age. I mean what exactly do you have to lo
k forward to after 25. 18 is you're legal. 21 means you can drink, and 25 is the insurance break they finally deem you mature enough to get. So what is after 25?

I figure that is my story, and I'm going to stick to it.

Here's to another year of forgetting my age!!
Oh and Happy 28th is it? to my wonderful Husband who will turn 28 the week after I turn 27.

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