Thursday, June 17, 2010

The difference between girls and boys is not just in the parts

We are now approaching three months old with my little girl. She is amazing to me in so many ways. I see so many of my family memebers in her. I see my grandmother who passed away 10 months ago. August 12 th 2009. The day we were leaving to make the drive to see her for the very last time I found out my little maiya was on her way. I had no plans to have another child. I mean the last time I had seen my grandmother was thr January before just after my third was born. My daughter is an amazing add on to our family. We were lucky to have three boys even though while pregnant we had hoped for girls. But our life is supposed to have three boys. It was a daughter I thought I wasn't supposed to have. Now I love my boys dearly. All of them have been mamas boys and the youngest son still is very much so. I am comfortable with boys. I have learned how they think, those three sneaky little guys. I don't worry as much as I have when I first had them. I am not as paranoid about SIDS or them jumping off the playground ( no I just run to keep my youngest son from doin it as he is still little) but I don't have the same reaction. After three boys I am a pro at motherhood! A fourth shoukd be no problem then. Over the last two in a half months I have learned that I have been in a mindset tha is totally wrong! I am not a pro. I thought it would be easy having four. My life wouldn't be as hectic as everyone who would pass m and stop and say wow three boys and a fourth child on the way you will have your hands full. My thought then was a fourth boy a piece of cake. A side note for those who are just reading my blog for the first time, I really didn't believe them when they said girl). Adding a fourth boy was yes going to take up the rest of the room in my car but for the most part life would be easy peasy. I figured he would weigh closeto his brothers so the stroller issue I have wouldn't have been an issue. I thought well they would share everything so no worries about having another diaper bAg, I had a blue bassinet that would fit a larger baby as it fit my third son till nearly 9 months then he started sitting up in and it was time for the play pen to be moved into our room. I also thought well two and two in a room leaving the other room as my guest/ parents room and of course not overcrowding the older boys room. I'm not even sure how this is going to work when our bird comes out of the crib. He's not going to sleep Ina room on his own. And the older two, they won't be able to seperate either, they really are too close. But of course their room needs new drawers and Beds but I don't have a clue how to fit three In there without putting a bunk bed that I would have to worry about the youngest climbing up abd falling off of it. Having a girl changed all of those plans. Now The room that used to have my youngest sons crib in it is pink and green and holds a beautiful round crib just waiting for my daughter to start sleeping in it. Now please don't get me wrong rgarding how i was thinking I love this room. I had always dreamed and asked if this baby is a girl can we get a round crib. It was something I had always wanted for a little girl. We chose a four bedroom house because we were not planning two more kids but one more. We will be needing a bigger house in a few years along with some land for us as well. And that will come when the time is right. Having four boys wouldn't have been too different from having the three. But now three boys and one girl. I think I'm more exhausted. Not just because I have a newborn but because I can really wash all of their clothes together. Our washer and dryer have issues keeping up with the amount of laundry. My dream house will have the biggest laundry room ever with two washers and two dryers and enough room to have one basket for each child so all I have to do is sort and give them to them to put Away. Oh and having the boys learn to keep heir clean clothes in their drawers and dirty clothes off the floor and in the laundry baskets. A dream that has been crushed lately with them. But I will not give in and they will learn the lesson. Their clothes are no longer in their room. I have put my foot down. So yes it is so much different having a little girl and so many plans have changed. but I would not trade the order my kids were born in nor the fact that I have three handsome energetic sneaky little men ( who might I add will be taller than me probably by age 10) for any other number or order of kids. Despite my melt downs and believe me after you have realized leaving two older boys in the very back of the car pretty much without us being able to see what they brought in the car with them bc they are in the back you realize they have ruined that car, and you get upset and I believe I'm entitled to be upset once in awhile. it was a task keeping the house clean with three kids and I was able to keep the car clean when I could reach to the back of my car because all seats weren't filled with a car seat. And having four kids will not change my mind about having my older children in five point harness seats or having my youngest son Still rearfacing so it could be easier for me. Yes it would be easier, but burying my child is not. And if your answer is it is unlikely to happen and you are probably right but those who have had it happen to them wouldn't agree either. my motto is I did not carry my babies for 9 months and have a csection to have each one of them for me to lose one of them because of something I could have possibly prevented. What works for one family may not work for another. So please do not take my preferences as yours are the wrong choice. These are parents decisions and the only thing I believe others can do is to give facts so each and every parent may make the decision for themselves. Over the last few months I have cotemplated moving my oldest to a seatbbelt booster so it would make more room
for a third seat in the back row. But my 6 year old can't seem to keepthe straps in place on his five pony harness car seat and he is well beyond the weight and age for the law but in my opinion he is not mature enough to sit correctly in a belt positioning booster seat. So he will stay in his seat until I feel he can. Even if it is afterthe law says they don't have to. Here in Texas the passed the law that a child underthe age of 8 is to sit In a booster seat no matter what. And if they are over 8 but under the height requirments they still have to. And if they are under 13 they must be in the backseat and no in the front. My children will probably not sit inthe front seat until they are well over the age. It Does bother me that i see kids sitting in the front seat and they are not old enough by law but yet cop drives right by and does nothing. I know these kids are not old enough bEcause they are in elementary school. This school sent home flyers on the new law but yet it does nothing or means nothing to parents here.

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