Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dragons universe

We were selected to have a dragons universe party. My two oldest boys were very excited about this. Unforunately it only ended up being a couple kids over but they all had a great time. We didn't open the toys prior to them coming over but rather put them together with everyone. It was quite amusing to see the dads working on this project. I would post pictures of them putting them together however the camera that had the pictures on it is temporarily ( hopefully) missing at the moment.

So on to a review on them. The boys loved them of course. Mommy had a fun time watching them put it together. I really think these teach them how to focus. Granted it isn't fun when the one year old grabs ahold of pieces but watching my two oldest sons focus on the directions.

My sons have a hard time focusing on other toys for a period of time unless it's a video game. This really was a pleasant change for them.

Dragons universe is a great gift idea to keep them busy and I'm including the dad in that one!!!

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