Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did you get the flu vaccine?

The last couple weeks have been a bit trying. After getting through allergies which had my nose pink and raw we were finally able to have our family pictures done. I am so excited about getting them back. I have seen the proofs and picked out the pictures I loved the most, which was very hard, because don't you love all pictures of your kids. If you are in the Dallas area and need a photographer I'd recommend 807 photography. Jen was great and had the boys playing and despite the lack of listening from my 7 year old. She captured some good pictures.
So now we are back to last week. Last week My middle son started coming down with something. I of course thought it was an ear infection because he was complaining of ear pain. He stayed home from school and first thing that morning I called and made him an appt. While awaiting his appt time, he was laying on my bed playing with toys with his little brother and little sister. later, it turned out he had the flu. This is a first for us. none of of my kids have had the flu. I choose not to get a flu shot, because every time I get the flu shot, I get the flu, otherwise, I've never had the flu. We kind of stick to it that with the kids, and have never directly gotten the shot for them.
So Of course the playing with the toys prior to the doctors appointment really put the three in close proximity, and several days later while stuck inside because of ice and snow, the youngest two came down with it. As soon as we saw that they were looking better, although still today aren't 100 percent. I started showing symptoms.
The flu seriously is very crappy.
The couple of times I had the flu before, I remember being completely out to where I couldn't function. So far, I've had some function except for when I had a fever. I'm pretty sure I had caught the flu from my kids, but of course I haven't been to the doctor to confirm. By the time I started coming down with symptoms and would have been able to get into the doctors it was too late to try tamiflu, and they say you need it 48 hours after onset of symptoms.
We have been treating everyone with natural immune system boosters, and even after being stuck home for a week with sickies, my oldest son and my husband has not gotten it.
What I am curious about is how long does the flu normally last for people?
And with or without the flu vaccine?
Because I would assume if you have the vaccine wouldn't you think that it would be a easier case of the flu?

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