Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Keep Swimimming Just Keep Swimming.

You never understand tragedy to it's full degree until it happens to you closely. Even if it's not to you directly.
How many of you can actually say, they know Cancer exists. That people are fighting it everyday and many do lose their battle and those who win it, are continuing to fight to keep it away. Can you tell what they are going through directly? Specifically, do you know how many children cancer effects?
There are many videos on cancer, showing what it does. The treatments for killing it, and how it does. There are videos showing children who are going through it, or have gone through it.
I was one of those people. Aware that cancer exists. I have seen the Jubliee and her doll commercial many times. I knew it was there. But I have to be honest, it's not that I didn't care before it's that I wasn't really informed that it happens to the best of us, that it can happen to any of us, and suddenly.
My husband and I have a friend who just recently went through this battle with their five year old son, sadly he earned his Angel wings this past Friday. An amazing child who was so loved by so many. How this tumor changed him and so suddenly too. We are grieving with and for our friends, who I'd have to say, is an inspiration for me to get up and move. They are amazing parents, who love their children so very much. Having children myself, I tell myself I am lucky everyday (or rather I try to) because I have healthy children, with me and I am lucky. I am not one of those who has to directly go through the battle, but my eyes are now wide open to it. Before my friends began this journey with their son, I had never seen the Battle For a Cure Facebook page. Again I knew Cancer existed, I had heard of children being cured, and I had heard of children dying.As soon as it was someone close to me going through this it became a reality. These sites open your eyes to more reality. To children who are fighting and are better at fighting than adults who have the flu. These children are amazing children. If there ever was one wish that could be granted, it would be for Cancer to be cured. All Cancers, the rare, the common, the treatments they endure to get better but how they have more smiles than we do.

A fond memory of Caleb
I can not say what kind of pain Caleb was in, but I am sure that it was pain that I wouldn't be able to handle myself. At Church I walked out of the nursery area with my son Logan and My daughter Maiya. Logan was a 28 pound 20 month old. Maiya was probably about 6 months old, and about 14 pounds. When I came around the corner Caleb was sitting on his daddy's lap. I was standing not too far away when I seen Caleb say something to his daddy. His father then said Caleb has asked him to go help me because I was carrying my two youngest. That was the sweetest thing anyone could do. This child who needed his fathers comfort because yes he was in pain, and here he is unselfishly thinking of others. They raised a smart wonderful child who so many of us can learn more from.

I have many memories of Caleb, and I wish we were going to have many more. My oldest son is so sad about his friend, and wants to be there for his friends little brother. As my son told me, he will need someone to play with.
I have learned so much but still have so much more to know when it comes to dealing with cancer. It is not a fair fight and I know we all are on the side of the child/teen/adult. This is why cancer needs to be cured!!!!

To my friends- I don't know if you know this, but we are always here for you no matter what it is you need. Please do not hesitate to call on us, even if its to have a shoulder to cry on, be warned though I may sob too but I will be there for you. You are amazing parents and amazing friends. We are lucky to be here with you.

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