Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's been another one of those weeks

This week was already off to a bad start. My family was leaving town, and as it stood for time off and possible travels for myself I won't see them till the baby is born, which is still a good ways off.  So Monday had a blah ending. Between my husband who just couldn't shake his being a "jerk", to the kids going nuts, including the baby who had gotten used to being held and rocked all night by grandma for the last ten days. My night was filled with lots of events for a tired pregnant lady, especially after driving all over the place all day long that day.  The next morning, (yesterday) I was off to a bad start too. Got up just a little later than I should have. And once you realize that, its like you become doomed to have a bad day. It was a day better than I had thought it would be. I went to an event yesterday, and learned alot. I got an awesome new webcam and new software that was just totally neato! Yes people still use the words neato.
On top of the stuff I learned, I also met some really awesome ladies. I don't think I've ever actually felt comfortable around a group of ladies, ever. I didn't feel judged by any means, and usually, I do.
After though, I ended up having to go back over to my house instead of being able to get the other two kids that I dropped off at my MIL's house while I was at the event. They live over 60 miles away and where I was, was kind of in between the two. But I had to get back in time to get my oldest from school. So overall I was in the car for several hours yesterday afternoon/early evening. I didn't even make it home before my husband. But there was a good ending to the evening. I had stopped and rented the proposal, and my husband and I watched it. The movie was GREAT!! I had to put that in caps, because it really was a funny romantic comedy, my husband liked it alot. Sandra Bullock is seriously one of my favorite actresses. She also looks great!!

Today, well, its going to be another day, I've got a ton of cleaning to do (since my mother isn't here and apparently my husband says the house is much messier , you know because I was home yesterday to pick up.)

Other than that I have a few projects to do, I need to work on a few things, plus get to cleaning up my craft room.
I also need to start boxing up my sewing/embroidery machine. *Cry* Hopefully it's selling today. I need to let it go and hope I can find a great deal on another machine one day.

So to touch on some of the stuff I have won. I had won an Orbit Stroller from
I haven't gotten it yet, and I won a britax roundabout seat (which really couldn't have come at a better time its gunna be used for the baby). But it hasn't made it here yet.
I just wonder if I'll actually get any of the stuff I've won. 

I have a MetroMoms event tomorrow to go to, and in just a couple of weeks the Best and Hottest Products event is coming up!! WoooHoooo I am excited for it. A moms night out with dinner and fun and I can't forget that the goody bag looks awesome !! I think I'm more excited about that than the items (mainly cause I know theres just no way I'll get to pick first and get that awesome stroller) (which I could actually used).
For now though, let me hope that today can get better. I mean after all, it is Hump Day!

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