Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Need something fun and free to do this week

Today we went with my friend Melissa and her two kids to the pumpkin patch in Flowermound.
It was a blast! The bounce houses, hayride and  fun wooden cut outs of many different characters our kids love.

Everything is free to do at the this dallas pumpkin patch except for taking a pumpkin home and of course their food. They donate to CCA and are also collecting old cell phones for soldiers. I am all for anything for our soldiers, as my husband was a sailor for almost 8 years as well as my grandfather and my uncle. I support our military very much so. 

There is also another pumpkin patch right next to this one, and not everything is free on that side. I have not been over there so I can't talk to much on it, but I do know its there.
This one though has enough to keep your kids entertained and to tire them out and ready for naps.
There's also great picture opportunties as well. Which I will upload a few from our first trip out here, with family. All of the pictures I took today need to go in to be developed.

This is a picture of all the pumpkins that were out waiting for us to go find the one we'd take home.
We were on the hayride in this picture.

My oldest sitting on the tractor in the picture area. This area has alot of wooden cut outs and other props great for picture taking.

My husband and oldest sons standing on top of the hay bales, they had alot of fun just sliding on them.

My sweet littlest man sitting next to the pumpkin my parents bought for my boys. The place provides wagons to use free of charge to pull your kids and pumpkins around the patch in! How awesome are they!


  1. Had a fantastic time at the pumpkin patch, LOVE the website

  2. We went to a birthday party there on Sunday. What a cool idea it was and was very reasonable for the party. However with all of the recent rains and this beig the first nice weekend it was beyond crowded. Several tractors kept getting stuck in the mud on the hayride.

  3. Yeah they are great! I've never done a birthday party, but that might be a good idea for the future, my oldest son is an Oct birthday. Yesterday despite the crowd the kids still had a great time, The best part, was that there wasnt any mud like there was the first time we went a couple of weeks ago. All that rain killed it then. thanks for the comment!