Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cleaning Spree

Saturday is Jordan's birthday. Tomorrow night my family comes in to town. And I have been rushing around trying to clean up to get things looking at least decent.
I will be hosting my first PTA meeting, which means people in my house that aren't family, and well, that rarely happens. So I'm on this cleaning organizing spree that I should have really gotten started on days ago. It just seemed that something else would always come up, and when it wasn't something else, I was just completely exhausted.
So I'm running around today trying to get it all cleaned up. So far, I've decluttered the table in the dining room, the counters in my kitchen, done a portion of the dishes and done a couple loads of laundry.
I still have a million in half things to do, 45 minutes till school is out for my oldest son.  I also need to pull out my steam cleaners. The hardwood floor one and the carpet one. I just feel like I'm never going to get everything done.

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