Monday, December 28, 2009

Cell phone services? Yay or Nay!

Ok seriously, Nay!

We had been with Sprint for ten years. Well my husband had been. I've pretty much been with them for the last 7 years.  So recently I came across how you can get out of your contract because you don't agree with their increase. I did that! I got out of our contract, and they didn't try to keep us! Now the best part about this, The plan we had, we were paying an arm and a leg for literally. 150 a month for Two phones, where my parents pay that price for THREE phones, and needless to say, all three have data!
So needless to say we switched over. I had brought up the idea of switching over to At&t for iphones, despite my hatred for At&T who we recently switched our house and internet from again. We've been back and forth. They have horrible customer service as far as I'm concerned. If I have to call in more than twice, honestly, more than once, about the exact same billing issue, then I'm angry. Of course I recently had to do that with Sprint too, so really, cell phone services are all the same. Crappy customer service, (some of the people I know I will not say all of them are).

To me, customer service has gone down hill period. Nobody cares anymore, and well, I don't really blame them, because they as employees are probably getting screwed over somehow too.

On the other note, we did get our iphones this christmas, I didn't get to keep my old number on our plan because At&t doesn't have the technology to share minutes for two phones that have different area codes. Sprint did have that technology, guess you win some and lose some. 

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