Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Thrift stores really can be awesome!

So the other day, I went off to find out about purchasing a new tree stand for our fake tree. For the last two years we've bought a real tree, but this year we decided we will use the fake tree. Well we lost the stand to it among our last move. So I needed a tree stand so we'd be able to use our tree. I never buy Christmas decorations until after. So after no go at Walmart, I went over to the thrift store. This thrift store I went to, has certain color stickers that are half off and 25 percent off certain days. Well that day, was the red sticker. So I found a tree, with a red sticker on it, it did have a tree stand, however I wasn't sure if everything was there or what. But I figured hey what the heck, half off at least I'd be able to use my tree if I can't use this one. So I got it home, start setting it up. Of course at first I set it up wrong as those tree parts really seem like they can go anyway until after you put it all together and its wonky.
Got it together, plugged the lights in, and everything worked! It was a little lopsided and my husband needs to help fix it, but all in all, I found a great  buy, I paid 12.00 for it.

Here's a picture of our new (new to us) tree.

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