Friday, April 16, 2010

How I survived my csections

I Now have four kids. Three boys and one girl. when I married my husband we were actually pregnant with our first child Jordan. He will be 7 this year. I did not labor with him I actually had a scheduled csection just two days beforr my due date. I really have no idea If I can have my babies naturally. The only thing I know is that I have had four csections and each one I have shortened my recovery time in the hospital. With my first I was out on the third day by the afternoon. Probably the normal time frame now for csections. My second son i would have been out earlier than the first only they took forever to do the circumcision. My third son I was out exactly 36 hours after he was born. My dr wouldn't let me go home before then. This last one, my girl, I left at 31 hours after I had her. I dislike being in the hospital. I don't care for doctors apointments for that matter. For all four of my kids I refused to take pain medication, well narcotics is what I refused. Tyenol is what I chose instead. Would you like to know my secret?

Sadly there isn't a huge secret to it. With the first two I pushed through the pain. My dislike for hospitals really helped there. Other than. Nurse giving me a dose of narcotics which I did Not want nor did I ask for it and after I found out she hit the button my iv mysteriously fell out and i did not let them put it back in. Then with my third son, I was very determined to do things more natural. We had a holistic pediatrician and delayed shots and other than having a csection I wanted every aspectnof his birth natural which meant mommy did not take pain meds that would pass over to him. So I tuned out the pain and got up as soon as the spinal wore off. I never masked the pain with medicine so I could know my limits. Which mine are probably higher than most as I really do have a high pain tolerance. This last csection was really that much easier. I do believe a huge part of it is he doctor that delievered her which was another story in itself but we were really lucky and blessed with my new ob who delievered our little girl just 6 days after I met her for the first time. I am choosing not to go into details of why I had a new doctor so late in the game but I just know it was meant to be an we were Lucky despite the stress of not having a doctor for a few days. I went home in 31 hours with my sweet little girl and at ten days old we are both great. While I am still not able to lift my youngest son because my incision is not all the way closed. I have not had any pain and have not taken any pain medication this last time around. I felt great once I started walkjng after I had her. From there it was almost as if I had her naturally. I have had many Nurses tell me ini could have my kids naturally I would have been onenof those who ha no pain medications. I don't know what full blown labor is like, I don't know what contractions really feel like as I never really felt any. When I had my last little one I was on their monitors and supposedly having contractions however I never felt them. Either way I am done now. We have ended our baby making days for good which is feels alot better than I thought it would. I was afraid to do it for good whenni had my third. Which led to our suprise fourth. But now knowing that I will not have any more i feel like I can concentrate on my four kids. I am blessed to have a housefull and very proud.

One of my new favorite things when I have had anyone stop and admire our little girl, the comment of "is this your first baby?" our reply "nope, we have three more at home and boys too"

The look on their face makes having four kids sooooooo much fun. I never thought I woul have so many kids of my own, but I have never felt that a person who chooses to have a large family is bad it is a to each their own, and for us four kids suit us just perfect.

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