Monday, June 28, 2010

Do you hear God?

This is a huge touchy subject for me. I still don't understand it when someone says God told them to do something. So to hear pray about it and see what God tells you to do is a very har reach. I certainly can't hear someone speak and signs, are very hard to understand. I usually joke that, this happened so it's a sign I shouldn't do it. On Saturday I was talking to my mother and discussing business ideas. I started my associates at a community college in my hometown and had plans to start off as a paralegal and then pay my way through to law school. Well I'm turning 27( I checked) in a few days and I can't even get back to the point of getting my associates. I keep looking back and feeling like it was a waste of time to
do all of the classes. Taking college courses is hard to do with four kids. Sadly I want to be super mom and get work and still have the ability to be able to be room mom and do all the field trips and parties for my kids. I want the best of working moms world and
stay at home moms world.

So I beleieve the only way to acheieve this is by starting my own business. I was telling my mother about the ad I had seen on craigslist about selling their consignment shop inventory. Basically they already have the shop up and open and they probably want to sell it all to move. This is exactly something I could see myself doing. A
childrens consignment shop. Of course I would need help but who better to help than my own mother. She would get the same. She would get to "work" but also get to be with her grand kids.

Another business idea I have is party planning. I am working on baby showering I am helping to host in August. Let me just say I am having a ball coming up with ideas. I would write
more about the ideas In this blog except the guest of honor has read my blog and I really want it to be a surprise. I am even hand making her invitations as soon as I get the rest of the information I need. I chose to hand make them because I did not find these anywhere else so far.
I don't even know where to begin with a party planning business. Not to mention I think it would have to be something I would need to do with someone else because I brainstorm with my sister or even my husband. My husband helped me out with the invitation idea for the baby shower. These are "jobs" I could see myself doing and keeping up with life itself. My life is already crazy with four kids.

so I have been told to pray about it and see what God says I should do. There was a time when my husband kept telling me I'm supposed to work in the nursery at the church. This was back at a time where I wanted my husband to leave the church. I am working in the nursery one Sunday a month and I'm doing it to help out. They are short nursery workers now. I'm usually in the nursery anyway because of nursing my daughter. Which I did gracefully ( and you could not see anything) yesterday whole wearing her in a new carrier I received from the latest MetroMom event I attended. But I do not "hear" from God and personally I think if I had I would be a bit freaked out by it. It is obviously just me because my husband has said he has been told to so things.
So the point is where do I begin?


  1. The question of the hour. I've always wanted to have a childrens consignment store. Do I hear God? The plain truth is NO! I think that things happen that should enlighten you as to what you should do....maybe technically its the same thing. I guess its a matter of what you believe. Fate, karma, God's direction...what do you want to call it? Where do you begin? I think that you are a lot further along in your quest than you realize. You have this great blog. You have the desire to do something. It sounds like you have enough involvement in community/school events to be able to promote yourself. The question should be whats holding you back? Put your foot out and take a step! I think you have what you need to begin, now pick one task and start with it!

  2. I don't hear God, but I feel God. That probably sounds weird, but when I am praying and searching for an answer, usually I feel God pointing me in the right direction. By this I mean that I get an overall good feeling about what is the right thing to do. Amie, I would just continue to pray and ask for guidance. The more that you pray, the more you will realize that he is there.