Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Starbucks Deal at Target

When you buy two starbucks 4 pack coffee frappaccinos. 
The deal

2 frappaccinos 5.99 each = 11.98 use 1 2.00/2 coupon found in the Pepsico Insert
You pay 9.98 for two packs, and get back a 5.00 target gift card.

You can do more than one in one transaction and still get all the gift cards. The register prompts them for it.

Also there is a revlon catalina deal that was running the other day, not sure if it is still going. But if you purchase 1 nail revlon nail clipper ( mine had some as low as 1.59) and one package of emory boards (as low as 1.89) you will get several coupons back for 5.00 off two revlon beauty tools, and 2.00 off one revlon beauty tools.
We have an issue with losing our nail clippers around my house, we are now stocked, if only I can not lose the stock pile I have of them now!

Happy Target Shopping!!!

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