Friday, May 20, 2011

Joovy Caboose Ultra Lite Stroller Review

So I have been meaning to get around to writing about the stroller I bought. Now I do want to first mention, I did purchase this stroller used. It was in very good condition though.
Since having the stroller, I've found it easy for my daughter who is now one and doesn't always want to be confined to a stroller to pull the bottom piece out of the straps. It really does come out that easy. You just have to tug at it long enough.I didn't have this problem at first because she wasn't really active yet.

My daughter is a small little girl, weighing in at just barely 18 pounds and 13 months old. She is my smallest, so I am not used to size being too small, but always too big. I thought she'd grow into this stroller rather well, I was wrong. She is still in my opinion too small for the front seat and I constantly check on her to make sure she's not able to wiggle to the side and will just fall out from the straps. Now the seat will lean back, however you can't lean it back with the other child sitting down in the back, they would have to be standing. This is a problem because what if they are both tuckered out.

Now for my youngest son who is 2 in half, and a big boy, he sits for the most part in the other spot. When I first started to use it, it pushed great. Now that he's a little bigger, and heavier, it's harder to push, not too much harder, but still none the less a little harder.
We noticed it didn't turn very well when we first got it, but were willing to live with that because well there really hasn't been another stroller that is the right size.

So all in all, its a workable stroller that I feel won't last as long as most. Because of this, I will be attempting to use my single stroller for my daughter and hope my son will walk, all the while trying to keep up with the older two brothers as well.

 We have been using this stroller for about 3 months now and it wasn't an everyday use.

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