Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another crazy week!

So I can't say I have gotten a bunch of great deals this week, because well I haven't. I will say, that the new Walmart in Frisco is awesome! After going to Tom Thumb at 6 am to try and get cupcakes and the coke deal, because I really thought it would sell out, it turns out, they weren't the best deal at Tom Thumb, and I put the cupcakes back, which actually were a better deal, by 1.00 each cupcake box, but I got better service, and was very happy to say, my little man got Batman cupcakes, despite that I did not order the cupcakes prior. The lady in the bakery at this Walmart actually looked for the batman cupcake toppers and placed them on two 12 packs of cupcakes for my little man. He was a very happy almost 5 year old having cupcakes with his class yesterday!

I have gotten poor service from other walmarts when it comes to getting a cake, so i wasn't sure what to expect when I put my stuff back at Tom Thumb and went to walmart yesterday. I price matched the Coke, which was awesome!
All in all, I left really early to try and get what I needed done, I added a little more stress onto myself, but it worked out in the end.

After rushing that early in the morning, I get home only to realize my oldest son, was sick and would be missing his field day. I know he was bummed but he wasn't feeling good at all. I just hope he's over it today since we have a big day with his brothers birthday party!

I will have a review on the DFW Laser Tag up later this week. There is still a deal over at Beget for overnight Laser Tag. I snagged my deal on Living Social and will only be getting two hours of Laser Tag, so if you're in the market for a birthday party idea  for say a slumber party, maybe a camping slumber party? This could be the deal. If you need any birthday party suggestions, don't hesitate to ask me! As my family would say, I'm very crazy over birthday parties. I'm already planning my husbands 30th birthday bash and his 30th is 13 months away.

Today's Birthday party theme is Batman, and If I do say so myself, I did not spend an arm and a leg on his party. I will post about how it went down when I do a review on DFW Laser Tag. for now, it's time to start my day.


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