Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One in a half weeks left of school!!!

As crazy as this sounds, I am ready for summer! I'd like to spend time with the kids doing thugs we all enjoy! We have a week in half left of school. And just two days left of a regular school week as my oldest says. His last spelling test on Friday. I've been busy catching my deals for stocking up on things and getting my middle sons 5 th birthday party together. I have made a total of ten capes now and need to make a couple extra to be sure everyone gets one. I hope he has an awesome 5 th birthday!! It is so hard to believe where we are at now! My daughter is one now and finally really starting to wean! She also slept through the night which is the first night in forever! My oldest son is doing so well and has come so very far since the beginning of the year! I am so proud of him. He is truly a wonderful kid. My youngest son well I love him and that Is the easiest way to get through the terrible twos he has hit! Two can be such a wonderful age, but with that comes the really bad age! Hopefully he gets it out of his system soon an before he turns 3.
It didn't seem like the year was going fast until it's now nearly over! Another school year accomplished! Only 23 more years to go!

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