Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Advertising directly to our children

It amazes me how advertisers find ways to advertise services and products. Yesterday my son came home from school, and immediately told me that he wanted to do gymnastics classes. In his folder was a flyer for it. Now this isn't the first advertising that has gone through this school. PTA has done it as well. And yes, I realize I am on the board. Now the advertising we allowed, I wasn't exactly thrilled with. Now the gymnastics school, would have been a much better advertising in my opinion. What we did, was insurance, parents don't want to be pitched to about insurance.
However they did advertise it to them, it got him excited about something, but the school does not have an introductory class to offer, and I certainly am not enrolling a 6 year old who can't make up his mind on what he'd like to do through the summer a pay an arm and a leg for him to do this and hate it. So this school did lose our business and another school may get it in the event that it works out. I have all three of my boys signed up for a free introductory class next week at the Little Gym.
I'm excited to watch them, if anything to get an idea of what might interest them. I know my middle son really wants to do soccer, but sign ups have passed so he doesnt get to do it until Fall.

I am still looking into swim lessons for them as well. I'm almost afraid to put them in lessons just because I think they'll forget it all after. My oldest had swimming down when he was 18 months old. We swam nearly everyday the spring/summer of 05, well until Katrina hit. He used to jump in with (no floaties) although we made him wear it. I was actually able to swim without having a child clinging to me.
Now that is one thing he is always excited about, swimming.
But its just a matter of if he'd like to actually go further than just learning how to swim (again).

What do you do for the summer? I have gotten so used to the oldest two going to school, it will be a little odd not to have to take them and drop them off at school.

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