Friday, May 14, 2010

Is having three really the same as having four?

My answer?

No, however it might be because I have three very energetic boys, and one sleepyheaded newbie. My toddler is very much in the "toddling" stage. Everything is his space, and anything is game for him. He hasn't understood my words "No, Danger" and laughs when I say it. The reaction is getting tiresome. How do you stop it, I know with other things its always don't give them the reaction and they will stop. Well, how on earth do you not give your 17 month old toddler a reaction to when they are about to jump off the playground equipment. And how do you keep him from doing this without losing your newborn in the process.
I can't possibly lose my little ones. I could carry her, but she's not quite fitting well into my carriers, so I've only used it once, she just wasn't comfortable in it, which I think has alot to do with how little she still is.

I couldn't push a stroller over to the spot where he was, so putting her in the stroller isn't an option. I'm at a loss for what to do with my active little man.

Other than that, my oldest son doing very well. This month he's had all greens and one purple at school. Next we have KB, who isn't doing so great. He's in that stage where he wants what he wants and if he doesnt get it, he wont listen or do what I tell him to do. Because of this, its turning into an issue with him possibly getting hurt or lost. Especially when we're out and about. It's hard to keep up with four kids, and mine have a tendency to get very stubborn, (and yes I know it comes from my husband lol, ok ok, and me) but nothing really works for KB, talking to him like a big kid, spankings,timeouts, nothing! It just doesn't work.

So anyone have any tips for how to make our kids listen. And as I've said before, whoever said three is the same as having four really did not have my kids!

On another note, I will have a blog review on the Quinny Zapp stroller, so stay tuned!

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