Monday, May 24, 2010

I just want to see good things happen to good people!

My title really explains my entire rant this morning.
Why is it that people who make choices to hurt people, on purpose, seeks out to take advantage and such, get everything handed to them but those who work hard, and are genuinely good people, get nothing. I watched this happen when my husband was in the Navy, people skate by, buy my husband, who worked hard, had a much harder time. Thankfully, the worst that could have happened, never did happen, but it doesn't mean it was an easy ride for him. The events that did happen were the biggest reason I was happy to be done being military. That and the fact that my husband could have been sent on more than just a 6 month deployment.
I just want to see good things happen to those who deserve those good things. I'm tired of seeing the latter.

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