Friday, September 18, 2009

Crazy days with 3 boys

So we've been on the new routine for school, with some eventful days. I won't go too much into details as its really just crazy at this point to dwell on any of that. 
But along with some events happening at my oldest sons school, my middle son, has been a little brat lately. Not sure if its so he can get attention exactly, its something.
So that brings me to a new review I have coming up which will also include my first giveaway. I'm stoked about it. It's a book, a very interesting book that I think may be helping. I'm about half way through with the book, and I've already been incorporating some of the things I've read in the book, and I really think it may be the difference between yesterday (and the days before that) and today which was a much better day for Konnor. He had been dealing with something, and while I can't say we are fully in the clear, but just that today was much better.

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