Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was lucky enough that my children would eat nearly anything I put in front of them at a young age. They always have. They've learned how to chew and eat regular foods rather quickly, well except for Logan, he's still catching up.
But none the less, both of my older boys went through the wonderful phase of, I'm not hungry.
I've learned a few tricks to get them to eat a little more than nothing off their plates. My oldest is over that and if he's not hungry, it probably means he got into something he wasn't supposed to just before dinner, or he's not feeling good. However, my middle son, he's heavily in that stage. I'm lucky if for breakfast I can get him to eat half of a pancake (this mornings breakfast).  So I recently learned another trick! A new utensil just for kids. Now it's not limited to the picky eaters either, my oldest son loved using them to eat his dinner with. These worked great for Konnor though, he ate his entire lunch with them. as opposed to this morning, he had two pancakes on his plate, and he had barely taken two bites of one. Logan ate more pancake than he did.

My husband and I are huge Sushi eaters, and being that I am a quarter Japanese I passed down  my love of oriental food to my kids, or rather just ate way too much during my pregnancy. These tinytongs remind them of our chopsticks, (Hey don't tell them there's a difference and meal time will be even easier for us).That is a big plus for us, because neither one are able to use chopsticks without the food falling all over the floor. Yay for the makers of Tiny Tongs.

So all in all, the tinytongs get a huge thumbs up from my kids.

Here's Konnorbear eating his lunch today with it.

We have found a wonderful answer to our "I'm not hungry" days.
Have a picky eater, or just want to make meal time a little more fun for your own kiddos. Go to  and enter amaberry20  for 20 percent off your order.
I'm getting ready to order two more pairs for my boys, so each one can have their own.

Any day now Logan will want them too. One pair for three boys? Not a good idea to keep trying that game.
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