Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How do you keep from going insane?

I have been sick, tired, stressed, and gone through more emotions than I can probably count this last week.
I've had a small streak of luck too. But It only masked the other emotions for a little while.
Tomorrow is my next appointment and let me just say, It feels like months have went by as it would usually be between the first two prenatal (ok well maybe one month goes by) but it has just been so long, and I'll walk into the office tomorrow still only 8 weeks along. This pregnancy is going by so slow its not even funny anymore. It's also one of the worst since NOTHING seems to fit my cravings. I am now living on Lemonade, and I know that has more sugar than I should be drinking, but it really has been the only drink that I can drink that makes me feel not so queasy.
The throwing up has picked up again. We've increased the amount of times, and its not only in the morning. I just still don't get why they called it morning sickness when many women get it all day.
I keep watching the mail for some really awesome stuff coming. If just one of those items comes today, It'd make my day so much easier to get through till tomorrow.  But of course this day is already going by so slow. I still need to get some cleaning done and out of the way. 

I also need to start working on the party favor bags for my oldest sons bowling birthday party next month. My baby is going to turn 6! He is not a baby anymore.

Happy early birthday to my big man!! I hope he knows how proud of him I am.

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