Monday, September 28, 2009

I made it through an entire morning carrying my littlest

Last Thursday I received the Kokopax Carrier, this came the day before heading off for the first time to help my oldest son's teacher at school on Friday morning. Now I knew I was going to need to carry him because well, I was not able to just let him roam free (crawling). So this came just in time. I decided to try out the carrier while I was working. Now some of the things I did, besides walking back and forth from the work room to my sons classroom, I ran off photo copies and lots of them, so lots of standing. Stapling (the old fashioned way too). So lots of movement, as well as some standing around. All the while, he was in the Kokopax carrier. It was just great and boy do I mean great. He was comfortable he never cried, or whined at all. We got through almost three hours of being there that morning with no fuss.

While in there, I also got lots of compliments, and lots of questions about it. And to make it even neater, I really think the name will stick. I mean who could forget the name Kokopax when you ask about it because you liked what you saw?
Not an easily forgotten name like some things, like my kids names.

Some of the features I love about this one. The adjustments are easily made on the carrier, and thats a good thing considering most people who use it may have more than one kid with them and be by themselves. Alright maybe not most, but mostly me! Also with the bar that opens out to allow the carrier to stand on ground without falling over, so you can easily put your little one in there. Plus it has a harness system inside, you never know when they might try and figure out that they can move. I know mine started to bounce (he really enjoys his bouncer) inside the carrier. Also my husband and I are not anywhere near the same sizing, he's 6 ft and I'm just over 5ft. He tried on the carrier  and we never actually adjusted any of the straps. He was able to put him on with no issues.

Then we get back to the, he actually practiced babywearing! I have used a few different types of carriers, I have the Beco, a ring sling, a pouch sling, a moby among my list of babywearing tools. My husband has never once tried any of those to carry our children, but Thursday evening, He put on this one with our little man in it.
  It was so cool seeing him wear it.  We went over to his parents house this weekend where lots of family were in town visiting as well, and my husband showed it off for me and didn't complain. For that, I gave him the left over pudding and gumbo to take for lunch today.

All in all, this is a great carrier, lots of great features to it, It really does what it needs to do, comfortable, and safely.
Also check out the story behind the carrier, they have a neat little timeline graphic on the page giving details about how the kokopax carrier came about. I must say I really think the way the name was thought of was pretty neat and interesting!  They have other baby products as well, I'm really liking the diaper totes, those fabrics are beautiful!

I also have to admit, I was a little worried about it when I first saw it. I thought it was going to be hard to use, and hard to adjust and can't forget uncomfortable. But it wasn't. It really was easy to get on and off without help.
The only down fall, as this is the first time I've ever carried on my back instead of front. My littlest really loves my hair, and he has better access to it back there. But I will have to admit, even in the front he manages to grab my hair too. I'm thinking I just need to shave my hair off and let it grow back when he's like 5.

This carrier gets four thumbs up. My husband loves it, and so do I!

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