Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A busy start to this week.

I have another product review coming this evening. I finally got batteries to get pictures. I'll have that up as soon as my middle son gets home from school and I can get some pictures of him using them too.

It's a really cool product and he's very picky as of late.
But anyway more on the next blog with that.
Right now, I'm going crazy because of what happened yesterday.
So I had my first prenatal appointment. All is well, I'm 7 weeks along so not further like I had thought, and that means, one slipped by when we were being careful, this baby just had to get here.
I had my first internal sonogram (wow that was so odd too). Out of three full term pregnancies I never once had to have one of those done. 
I am in the high risk area now because of how many c-sections I've had and because I just had a baby not even a full 9 months ago.
So I apparently found out with a dollar store pregnancy test when I was 4 weeks along. My friend and I thought for sure I had to of been at least 6 weeks to find out. I'm just barely 7 weeks apparently and they found what looked possibly like a yolk sac, although as my doctor said the form just wasnt that of a yolk sac, or it was a twin!

Yup, its possible I could have been having twins. However, she didn't find a second heartbeat. So if it is indeed a twin, we'll be in mourning for the loss of my little ones twin. There was one heartbeat (although I seriously couldn't tell so I was taking my doctors word for it).
I like my doctor which is a plus. She seems straight forward and really nice. I felt somewhat at ease, despite my bundle of nerves getting in there and realizing i Had to have the other type of sonogram.
It ended up not being as bad as I thought it was going to be.
I've only had one other dr do the "exam" and not make me feel excruitatingly uncomfortable. I started off going to that doctor when I was preggo with Logan. I didn't continue because the doctors offices billing practices were not adding up right.
So all is well, I go back next week for another sonogram.

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