Saturday, February 6, 2010

I feel like we are back trAcking

Maybe it's because we haven't done counseling i don't know but I'm feeling a bit disturbed by it all. The last several nights he has been a bit on the depressed side. I know our backyard bothers him and it bothers me too, but he has been distant since bringing it up. Not much we can do at This time and I understood to give him space about it but he is also starting to seem upset with me. We got into a fight this morning and neither one of us has apologized to the other and it's already starting to seem like we are just setting the argument aside like it didn't happen which always resulted in us fighting more later. I know we will fight no matter what but it's how we argued that needed to change and as of this morning I feel like it's back to square on all over again. It's like the last month never took place.

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