Monday, February 1, 2010

Great weekend, crappy week?

As of later Saturday evening, I started getting sick. The weekend went well. Lots of stuff done. The house looks great, only laundry to do,and start on our bedroom and of course theres the rest of the stuff upstairs in the "nursery" I say "nursery, because it really isnt going to be much other than a place to have clothes.
I doubt we'll get around to painting. There isn't exactly time to do so. 9 weeks left to go as of yesterday.
I just hope I can get our bedroom done and ready with the bassinet cleared out (don't ask) so there is a place to put the baby at night!

Plus I need to hang up the clothes I do have, and store the rest of the next size up for Logan.
And then of course I need to finish the bedroom my parents sleep in when they are here.

But I'm so not feeling well today. I'm tired and ready to go back to bed. Logans not having that one though. :(

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