Friday, February 19, 2010

Not very happy right now

So this week has been a real bust in my opinion. I haven't been so motivated for anything, well except for complaining. I know I should act a little better but this week really just was a bad week. I haven't written any blogs lately not bcause I haven't been able to but rather because I have just been emotionally and physically exhausted. Last week almost everyone in the house was down and out for at some point with the stomach bug, myself included. We haven't quite fully gotten over the bug even still today. Last night I was up from 12 till 3 am because of it and just bEcause I wasn't able to sleep which is another issue in itself. The last few days though have been especially hard a teething baby, mommy had no comfort or sympathy for him and the screaming. I have just been completely on edge. I have a huge issue with someone telling me what I should do or have to do In this matter, and today is one of those days. I am usually supposed to be at my sons school helping but instead I'm here at my drs office sitting around doing nothing but blogging because they were going to hassle me to do the 3 hour test which I know I will pass With no issues. If I had gestational diabetes I woul have seen so emind of symptom prior to this. If anything I would be gaining
weight at least like I usually did in pregnancy. I haven't even gained ten pound with this baby. By this time in the pregnancy I have usually already gained 20 pounds at least. So needless to say I'm confident in knowing my own body and hoe it takes things. In fact Ive learned by doing my own research that the information given to me by my doctor seems to always be a scare tactic. She really pushed the flu shot and even undermined or dismissEd thE fact that my husband and I both stated that I have done flu shots before and I have always gotten the flu, other than those two times I have never had the flu nor have I had the flu shot either. The last time I had it was when I had just had Konnor and I got the flu shot based on the recommendation that I get it so Konnor would get the antibodies from my milk. Other than that I have never been so I'll with anything other than a stomach virus which I have noticed I've gotten every single pregnancy at some point. But again every appointment she pushed numbers and stastics down my throat. She has also done nothing but tell me things that are al ost next to never going to happen. Big example the uterine rupture. I have. 1% chance that I may have that happen and in the sEnse of it she was right as per research if it's Gunnar happen it's Gunnar happen labor csections etc or not. Why try to scare me into things? So now here I am 30 someething weeeks along I know if I mention how the dates must be off she won't listen so i'm not going to mention it. If labor occurs naturally great! Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to have a natural birth. I am contemplating switching docs as I just have gotten to the point I don't trust her and I since this is it for sure I want my last experince to go well and exactly how I would want things to be. I have no plans being in the hospital for more than on night. I know the ped will release my baby quickly and it will be a matter of my doctor releasing me. So again I feel this morning is just being wasted because we all know I won't get any work done this afternoon.

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