Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Is It harder to talk face to face than through email/ text etc

I have always had thus issue even when it comes to my husband my family friends pretty much anyone. I have a hard time talking out loud anymore. I can only assume this comes from five years of really never leaving my house. Prior to the last year the only times I really left my house were to go to the grocery store or take my kids to school. Thus last year I branched out and started going to moms groups however I still have that issue about talking to others. I don't even like being on the phone anymore. I have seriously become a hermit crab it seems. This weekend was busy and as I think back way too emotional for me. But I made it through the weekend. I am having a little issue with how things are going with my husband though. But it really isn't him that's the cause of it. I may have turned things around for me but there's still a part of me that's doing it for him too. And so when I don't completely understand something or feel 100 percent on something I feel like I will disappoint him and kind of like you seek approval from your parents I think you also end up seeking approval from your spouse. After all a marriage is supposed to be 50/50 right!

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