Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stroller Skate Off

I went to an event that I had already planned for before finding out I was pregnant.  Either way, I went and they did a stroller skate off for quinny zap strollers. Now granted I really don't NEED a single stroller, but hey that stroller would be awesome for traveling. Either way,I went, and to appease my mother who was simply telling me I shouldn't go. I was extra careful. So granted I was extra careful not to fall down. But I didn't win.
Oh well, it was alot of fun though. Konnorbear got to skate with me too I couldn't believe they had skates for that small of feet. Apparently they've had an 18  month old skate there before. They have like size 6 (tot) skates. I was like umm really, who decided to make that small and why?

So now I'm thinking When Logan learns how to walk really well, I'll take him back there to go skating. I didn't get to take pictures with my phone and I won't go into any of that right now. So my friend  took pictures of me (I didn't ask that one) and of Konnorbear with skates on. As soon as my cell phone charges up some more, I'll email them over to my email to add to the post. So check back for a couple funny pictures.

So tomorrow is my first doctors appointment I reschedule it last week because of the stroller thing I didn't realize that my event started at 10, and my appointment was at 9:30. So I have my appointment at 9am, then off to head back home to grab Konnorbear from school then go to another event. I'm kind of excited, this one we get to hear and see about some new flexible shoes for prewalkers and walkers. I'm all about the shoes and what I can find that will help his feet and protect them, but not hinder him from walking as the hard soles will do. Konnorbear couldn't wear the hard soles till he was nearly two in half.  I had him in soft soled shoes up until then. He had such wide feet but small feet and so hard soles were actually too heavy for him to lift his feet up properly. But when he wore softsold (lighter) shoes he did great. So of course I've saved the shoes for Logan well, what ones we can find two of. I promise they are all around here.
My kids go through shoes like they do socks. actually I think we can find more matches to the socks than we can find matches to their shoes. It's really annoying even after I implented the shoe box in the garage for them to put their shoes. Both shoes never make it there.

So its Sunday, later I have another review to post. I'm excited about this I need to put new batteries in my camera to get pictures.
For now, off to clean off the baby who has oatmeal all over him.

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