Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chicken and Steak Fajitas

I don't have much to say, except I need to catch up on some reading this evening.
Today is a full day, Plus I am going to send over a text ( I am only sending over a text now because its really early) inviting my husbands sister and her husband (and daughter) over for dinner this evening. We're off to church this morning, and then right on over to a birthday party, while my husband takes off to take my oldest out to a movie just the two of them! My son will be so thrilled I don't think he realizes they're going today!

Last night was a wonderful evening, aside from the fact that our date night (the end of it) was spent my husband getting his hair cut!

No biggie. It was just really nice getting to spend quality time with him. We went to dinner for his first meal off the Daniels Fast, and then had coffee and off to walmart we went.
We went there for a firewood log and a birthday gift for our middle son to give at the birthday party today, but ultimately ended up in the baby stuff and got a few outfits for the baby! I only really picked out one and let him pick out the others, he of course grabbed pink.
But i picked out the cutest girlie green and pink overalls for her. Then he decided to get his hair cut so we waited for that and then went home.

Today though, while full, will be a good day.
I think though prior, I'm going to go take a nice hot bath! My youngest woke up and of course is now in my bedroom! Yippeee.

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