Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I thought i would change it up a but and write tonight. Our weekend went well for the most part. We got to meet my husbands sisters newbie which I must admit was so weird.One it was a girl and two so tiny. We are not used to little. On Sunday we went to church and then to walmart and later that evening we all took Jordan to his birthday party he was invited to. I was so impressed with how much my husbnd interacted with the othr parents which happen to be parents of students in jordans class. This morning we took the boys to see Alvin and he chipmunks. Although this mornin jordan wasn't feeling so great. He will be at home tomorrow.
On sunday at church I put Logan in the nursery for the service. That is a first for me it wasn't easy but I did prAy about it prior and even during and I managed to make it through.luckily my husband was wearing pants and not shorts or his leg might have been scratched some from my nervous thinking. But I did make it through and so did logan. I am hoping for a good week again thus week. Good works for me!

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